27 January 2020

Let’s find out why style conscious women prefer sterling silver jewelry over gold jewelry?

Gone are the days when the word for jewelry boiled down to only mental called gold. Now, everyone is ready to explore something beyond this metal. This does not, however, make gold less popular by any chance. But the popularity of ornaments made out of other metal is catching the trend. And one such metal which is on the rise is 925 sterling. Yes, this is the metal that is neither expensive nor cheap yet can withstand daily wear and tear smoothly. For those who do have little to no knowledge of 925 sterling here is brief that might be helpful for you.

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Pure silver contains 99.9 percent silver and a very tiny percentage of copper, whereas 925 silver composed of 92.5 percent silver and the rest copper. And that is why this type of metal is popularly called 925 silver or 925 sterling silver.

Being very soft in nature pure silver intricate design cannot be crafted on it. That is why it needs to be alloyed with other metals such as copper. This adds hardness to it while making it easy for elegant ornament making. And that is the reason most of the designer are inclined to use 925 one as their base metal. With time the value of sterling increases so investing in a fine piece of ornament made of this beautiful metal would always be a good decision.

The reason behind the popularity of sterling jewelry

Whether it’s a marriage party, casual get together or just a casual meeting wearing beautiful bling gives you an edge. You look you best, therefore, feel your best. But with the rising cost of gold and platinum, it has become difficult as well as risky to wear expensive adornment oftentimes. Under such circumstances, style-conscious women try their hands on something less expensive, lightweight yet unique. And this is how sterling comes into the picture. However, being soft and drab this metal does not interest most of the people. Besides, making a precise design on it is also not possible. But with sterling that is not the case. Any sort of intricate design can be crafted on this metal. Besides, this is strong therefore can withstand daily wear and tear. Sterling bling does not look any way less attractive than gold ornament while designing with great care. It is even possible to choose stones of different shapes and colors that complete the best for you ornament. Choosing from the collection that has been available in the store is boring – that is what some might think. And those trendy ladies who look for something unique to try for them there are a customized ornament. Here, they are free to come up with any design that conjures in her mind and the bling designer would materialize it with utmost care. This is another important aspect that makes customized bling popular among people.

Is it safe to buy 925 silver online?

When it comes to ornament there as that one question that lingers over the mind – are they original? This is a valid question as getting cheated with a fake one is very much possible in the realm of ornament. Although sterling is pretty cheap compared to gold and platinum untrustworthy manufacturers produce duplicate ones in order to make more profit. One such imitation of 925 sterling is a silver-plated adornment that has a thin coating of this mesmerizing metal but sold as original sterling. Therefore, one has to be very careful while buying their favorite piece of bling. And they should only depend on the authentic stores only. There are many tests that help find out the originality of the 925 sterling and here are the few reliable ones.

How to find out if its original 925 silver?

Real 925 one does not smell and if you by any chance get any smell, then you must know that is not an original one.

While exposed to air, 925 one gets oxidized, causing a black mark on them. Therefore, on rubbing the sterling ornament, it leaves black marks on the white cloths. If you don’t see any black marks on the soft white cloths, it does mean this is not an original one.

Sterling neither gets repelled nor gets attracted by a magnet; however, if you find any of the characteristics while your ornament gets in contact with the magnet then this is not an original one.

Authentic 925 one has marked such as “925,” “ster” or “sterling” if you don’t find any then it must be the fake one.

Nitric changes the color of other metal but does not affect 925 metal. So, if a few drops of nitric acid added to your silver bling, you would find no visible changes in color. You can always ask the store to conduct an acid test before buying a fine piece of sterling bling.

The secret to establishing a strong brand identity for your sterling jewelry store

Whether you are from Indian or abroad starting an ornament shop that sells exclusive 925 ornaments could not be an easy task. First of all, you need to find the right Jewry manufacturer who has everything to suit your needs. Besides, authenticity is another issue when it comes to 925 silver jewelry. And that is where DWS comes into the picture. It would not only supply you with top-rated bling with an elegant finish but also help you establish your business at the minimum cost. With DWS around, starting an exclusive sterling silver ornament shop has never been so easy. You can expect your order to be delivered on time with a minimum freight charge.

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To meet the demand of the fashion-conscious people, they have brought you a wide range of jewelry to choose from. The range includes but not limited to bangles, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. This is a top-notch jewelry factory that always makes sure to offer you the unique piece of jewelry that is time tested and superior. Every piece of jewelry has been intricately designed keeping in mind the clients’ satisfaction. Ingenuity is the key when it comes to 925 sterling silver jewelry manufacturers like DWS jewelry. Their entire collection showcases a perfect amalgamation of creativity and passion. And the moment you browse through the site, you would feel that. To make it easier for every buyer, they have made a strong online presence. So, now it is possible to buy your favorite piece of sterling ornaments from the comfort of your home.

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In the end, it is worth saying that stating a jewelry store could be easy, but it takes years to build trust and bonding with the customers. But when the customers get the best products at competitive prices, they tend to shop more from you. Therefore, it is your responsibility to offer them their money’s worth. And you are only able to satisfy them when you offer them the top-notch products and services. In these regards, DWS as a highly regarded 925 silver manufacturer in India would help you. To know more about the products and their wholesale prices, you can contact the given number or drop them a line so that they can fulfill your requirements successfully.