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Saturday, September 14, 2019

What is the best online jewellery store?

The online space is flooded with various stores where you can easily get handmade jewellery, gold and silver jewellery, fashion jewellery, etc. but there are a few trust-worthy pieces of jewellery stores. If you are going to purchase some precious gemstones stuff like gold or diamond stuff then it is better to search for a reliable store which serves its customer well, has reasonable price for products, has good service and provides premium quality stuff according to its customer’s choice. In case you are facing difficulty in finding a trustworthy and best store, then here is the answer.

Fashion Jewelry Shop in Jaipur

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., which based in Jaipur is the most trusted online store which is known for providing a huge variety of jewelleries to its customers and at a reasonable rate.

Reasons behind DwsJewellery’ trustworthiness

  • As the market is full of frauds and bogus jewelleries, DWS Jewellery in Jaipur provides its customers certified jewelleries.
  • A huge variety of jewelleries are available, whether it is gold jewellery silver jewellery, hand-made-jewelry, gemstone jewellery or fashion-jewellery.
  • Reasonable price and has a transparent system which deals with the pricing of the jewellery.
  • Efficiently serves the customer and make them experience a good and smooth website visit.
  • They offer many customer-friendly policies.

Jewelleries are something which can be purchased from a trusted brand or store and if you are going to purchase these items online then it is important to take extra care while choosing an online store. Our firm based in Jaipur is one of the best online jewellery stores and you can blindly trust them.

Silver Jewelry Shop in Jaipur
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Monday, September 9, 2019

How do I get a small amount of necklaces and pendants tags manufactured

If you have plans to buy or get a small amount of the pendants or necklace tags manufactured with your own words or images or even shapes, then you must be finding a quality product. There are many organizations rather companies who offer adjustable sliding knot closure and supporting laser engraved or etched with a customary logo or shape. You can get it engraved in both the ways. On the heavy metals like gold silver, rose gold or gun metals the finishing is fully collected and the outcome is amazing.

Customary jewellery is blissful

The engraved customary jewellery is something that will amaze you and even delightful to look at. The shopping experience and the focused customers like you will always demand amazing products with the finest finishing. Selecting the right brand is pivotal. They will ensure in offering you both deep technical in understanding the jewellery designs or shapes you have asked for. The brands offer you both beauties as well as quality products to redefine you. When you’ll look into your website you will surely get an extravaganza of a catalog and its various designs to fire up your imaginations and even design out something relatable.

Standing out from the crowd and creating a statement with bold jewellery designs with signature steps can make you look not only enchanting but also amazing.  The light-colored stone have a multi-facet outlook; rather an octagon with your own signature design will definitely look amazing on you. You can get in touch with some promising brands like Dws Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. for an amazing collection of your own as per your taste.

If you are fine in buying the base metal all by yourself and then go for a customary design, it is advisable that you do the same. Majorly of the people who end up buying from the same brand where they are customizing their product end up getting some local market products.
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Thursday, August 29, 2019

7 Gemstones for healing your chakras

Chakra Jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur brings you the actual use of the semiprecious and precious stone that you never knew about evidently these crystals can heal the inner you and bring you in to a new light altogether.

Wholesale Online Energy Chakra Collection

The Root Chakra

Root chakra is located on the base of spine where your pelvis touches the floor. It is responsible for the feelings of safety and security. When this chakra opens up you will let go of the fears and would worry less. When it's not opened/blocked it can cause anxiety, colon problems, nightmares, pain in lower back. Crystals that help with healing of this chakra include, Black Onyx, Smokey Quartz and Hematite.

Sacral Chakra

Sacral chakra, is the source of your sexual energy as well as your creative energy. It’s located right above the pubic bone. If this chakra is not opened/blocked, you will have problems with your body energy like feeling tired or without your sexual vitality. You may feel a dissatisfaction if it is overly involved in seeking pleasure this helps you to control your involvement. Stones that correspond to it are orange stones e.g. Tigers' Eye and Sunstone.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra is for your self-esteem and feelings of power. If it is blocked you may feel out of power /out of control. Physically, you can have problems with stomach and/ or digestive issues. Yellow gemstones corresponds to Solar plexus such as Pyrite or Jasper.

Heart Chakra

This chakra is responsible for playing a vital role in our lungs and endocrine system. This is also responsible for our feelings of love. When it is blocked it can cause anger, grief, jealousy, and self-deprecation. When it is over-active we may be too attached to things. Green or pink stones such as Rose Quartz, and Aventurine and natural garnet gemstone wholesale jeweler and manufacturer in Jaipur say that it can heal your heart.

Throat Chakra

This chakra is for allowing us to speak our ground truth and located in your throat. When it’s blocked you have trouble in expressing your true selves. When it’s unbalanced you may find yourselves speaking harsh words or being afraid of taking decisions. It can cause problems with the thyroid. Stones that will help heal this chakra are Aquamarine or Sodalite.

Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye is located in between your eyebrows, and is responsible for an intuition and allow us a different view of the world. It rules our head, eyes, lower part of the brain and pituitary gland. If it’s blocked you can have trouble with having intuitions and learning new things. This can cause us to be more judgmental, depressed, have anxiety & headaches. Stones that would help with healing this chakra includes Amethyst, Lolite, and Fluorite.

Crown Chakra

This chakra is the top of your head, which is responsible for enlightenment and connection to your higher selves. When it's blocked it might cause us to be disconnected from others, feeling isolated, or emotionally distressed. Stones that can help you heal this chakra includes; Clear quartz, Amethyst, and Moonstone.
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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Private label jewelry manufacturer in India

Not just ordinary aesthetic

Jewellery has an emotional aspect to it. We relate with our belongings on different levels. The ornaments that we own not only define our taste and status but also speak a lot about our personality. It adds confidence and self-worthiness to one’s aura. Keeping away from the common trends and taste has been the top most concern of every person who loves to wear unique jewelry. This is where Private label jewelry walks in.

A private label jewelry manufacturer is a company that works in partnership with the retailers and sells them absolutely unique and catchy designs to brand it as their own. The only concern of the manufacturer is to provide its clients with absolutely different and eye-pleasing designs that make the customers fall in love. The company that has a tie-up with such organisations sells these designs with complete ownership and legal rights.

Benefits of choosing private label jewelry 

In this era of sheer competition, being unique has become the USP for all such distinguished jewellery makers. Apart from a few classic designs, customers always want something new. Trends change in a flash and so does the customer's preference. Keeping everything in mind distinct choices must always be given priority because:

  • It is an astonishing time-saving process in terms of jewelry making. With the branding process being eliminated from the scenario, the time is taken by an ornament to reach from the manufacturer's den to the retailer's shelves automatically reduces. These firms brand the product right after preparing it which makes it very easy for the customers to get timely and early deliveries of customized products.
  • Joining hands with private label jewelry manufacturers also saves you a lot of work. With prior pilot surveys and proper research of the market, the maker as well as the retailer already gets an insight into the type of availability of products in the particular region. This saves the manufacturer's efforts and helps him focus on what is distinguished.
  • The lifeblood of any business is profit and the sole goal of every business is profit maximization. Cutting off certain procedures in between manufacturing saves the company a lot of defined costs. When the product reaches directly from the maker to the retailer, it discards various costs involved in between increasing the scope of a wider profit margin.

Most renowned private label brands

When all the above-discussed factors are taken into consideration, one of the most renowned jewellery manufacturers accounts for DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. The name is enough to establish the quorum of ethnic aesthetics in the form of the most unique and ostentatious jewelry.

On the authenticity of its craft, DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in maintaining its extremely loyal customer base by keeping the confidentiality of the skill intact. Leading the market as one of the most renowned and trusted private label brands of Jaipur, India, DWS jewellery Pvt. Ltd. Has developed an entirely different fan base for its designs that stand out.

If you are looking for something that makes everyone around you stop and stare, then DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. Has something in store for you. Visit the official website without any further ado and rock your jewelry in the most sizzling manner.
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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Wholesale handmade gemstone jewelry store in Jaipur

Gemstones are the most important part of our customs. It also has a crucial role in our history. There are different stones which possess different meaning and colour. They hold their own power and significance in one’s life. There are a variety of gemstones mentioned in history while same gem stone are brought to us by an archaeologist. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, the biggest handmade gemstone jewelry supplier in India provides you the best and authentic gemstone in India.

King Akbar had nine gemstones in his court but there are some gemstones which are available for us.Let’s have a look on the different types of gemstones available in the market.

1. Alexandrite (June Birth Gemstone): In the year 1930, Alexandrite was discovered in Iraq Mountain. Due to its tendency of changing color depending on the time in which it is seen, it is known as magical gemstone. During the daytime its color is blue with a mossy green effect. In the light of lamp at night it looks purple with a touch of raspberry colour. It is available in East Africa, Shri Lanka and Brazil as well.

Importance: It strengthens inkling and creative power.

2. Amethyst (Gem Stone of February): A gem which enhances your personality and your look. This lovely colored gemstone can be accessed commonly and can be acquired in several forms. The gem's beautiful color makes it so appealing that it suits with both silver and gold. If you have February stone in your wardrobe it would be incredible.

Importance: The Greek and Roman society believed that it reduces power and helps the person who has put on this to think for better possible manner.

3. Aquamarine (March Stone of birth): The name itself holds the colour property of the gemstone. Aquamarine gemstone is of marine blue colour. This stone is beneficial for those who took birth in March. It is a perfect gift for newly married couple because it makes the relationship smoother between two.

Importance: This beautiful gem represents health, wealth, loyalty and hope. The colour of the gem symbolizes immortality and after life. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, the biggest gemstone suppliers in India, having gemstone store in Jaipur can provide you this gemstone easily.

4. Citrine Gem Stone: It is available in multiple appealing colour ranging from lemon yellow to orange brown stone. It is readily accessible at reasonable cost. The brightness of the stone gives us a glance of sun. Thus, it is believed that it is a gift of sun. When combined with gold jewellery it gives you a dashing look.

Importance: It is believed that citrine gemstone protects against the venom of snakes and evil. It also symbolizes prosperousness and success.

5. Diamond (April Birthstone): This can be studded in gold, silver or platinum and is equally appealing to men and women. These are the hardest gemstones among all gemstones. These gemstones are formed when the wind hits the rocks and transform tough in the earth’s depths. These are formed in many colours and sizes.

Importance:  It is the most appreciable gift for couples, as it symbolizes immortal love and longing.

6. Emerald (May Birth Stone): The Emerald gemstone is also known as may birth stone which is rare to find. This dark green colour gemstone has a bluish hue. These gemstones are always associated with an inkling meaning. As It implies immortal youth, ancient mummies are also thought to have been produced alongside their throat with an emerald.

Importance: Venus’s spring and stone are the Emerald. This is a symbol of affection, fertility and reproduction.

Here we got to know about different types of gemstones and their significance. In order to get these gems, you can approach DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, the stone jewelry wholesale supplier based in Jaipur.
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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Buy Diamond Rings for Women Online at Best Prices

Women have a never-ending passion for jewelry, especially diamonds, because it makes them look rich and beautiful, and it represents a sign of femininity and the status that they possess in society. The women adorning themselves with jewelry is not only a customary tradition but has a lot of values based on the type of jewelry that she is wearing. Mostly people wear their rings in their ring finger, which is the fourth finger from the thumb. This one is said to be scientific because it directly connects the nerve passing through this cell to the brain neuron cells. By wearing so, one gets good health and confidence to handle life with ease. But the wedding rings are often worn in the middle finger because it is believed that the nerves of this finger are connected to the heart, which assists the wearer in controlling the emotions. Diamonds often remind women how cherished and loved they are to a very special person who gifted it to them. Diamond is the stone of longevity, perseverance and forever lasting love and affection. So wearing such gemstones are always a blessing and provides positivity.

There are thousands of jewelry shops in India which manufactures and provides diamond rings for women. But as far as women are considered, they wish to go directly to the shop checking every piece of jewelry by hand. But for those who consider online shopping as a better option than purchasing directly in the store, there are various jewelry stores providing an option of online shopping. But before purchasing, one must consider various other jewelry shops to compare the items that you are purchasing based on quality, rate, assurance, and lot more. There are specialist designers who know how to manufacture jewelry products with the help of using the perfect combination of metals and gemstones. Ornaments have always contributed to the natural beauty of women, and so they have been used generation after generation. In the past few years, we are visualizing a sudden rise in the number of good quality manufacturers.

DWS Jewelry with its diamond ring factory is considered as one among the most successful jewelry making industry in India and also in other major parts of the globe. They produce a wide variety of diamond rings for women at affordable prices, which makes even the middle-class men purchase them. Diamond also has several properties like other gemstones, which brings positivity into one's life who wears it. This company was established in 2004 at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. We are a famous diamond ring shop in Jaipur. DWS jewelry produces wholesale diamond jewelry to their customers based on their interest. They also have their manufacturing unit, which makes them produce diamonds and other stuff as wished by the clients. They manufacture every jewelry according to the taste of the customers with world-class quality assuring damage. An important positive to purchase in this store is that they have their online website, which makes people access them to purchase jewelry anywhere from the world. At DWS jewelry the jewellery produced are of latest designs and are very much light weighted. The diamonds are carefully fitted into the metal rings so that they exhibit perfection for the one who is wearing it. Mainly, such kind of diamond rings for women are purchased for grand vents of life such as wedding and birthday. The Wedding rings that we manufacture are of high quality and style with utmost love and affection. So visit our shop in Jaipur or visit our website online to enjoy our wide range of collections and buy the best ring for your best day of your life.
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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Wholesale Tibetan Turquoise natural gemstone jewelry in Jaipur

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Jewelry manufacturing companies in India

In the past, Indian women preferred to acquire jewellery items, be it a personal milestone, or a buy for wedding, from their respective local jewellers. Recent changes in consumption habits have shown, however, a gradual shift to jewellery shopping at national gems and jewellery shops that are flourishing throughout the Tier I, II and III cities.

Indeed, India is the world's second largest consumer of gold and one of the world's leading exporters of gems. Precious jewellery and metal is a huge market in India and there is no shortage of top brands to supply for the demand. While the local Jewellery Stores are abundant and flourishing, several national brands have been built around Indian gemstone and gemstone aesthetics, known for its exquisite, flawless and beautiful jewelery.

Whether it's every day wear, traditional, antique, nursery or beautiful jewellery, Indian gem houses always offer a run for their money to their foreign partners. We've created a list of the top jewelry manufacturing companies in India that are well-respected for their product quality, design and impeccable service to the clients.


DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is a famous jewellery manufacturer and gem stone provider based in Jaipur. They are known for their very attractive Jewellery items as well as very high quality gem stones. Very authentic gem stones are provided by DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. which can be used for astrology purpose as well.

DWS Jewellery Pvt, Ltd. is a company, which is known to provide custom made jewellery to its clients in India as well as abroad. They are known for the quality services and customer satisfaction they render to their clients.


Kalyan Jewelers have been involved since pre-independence with the gem brands with 122 stores across India and the Middle East. They are one of the biggest jewelry manufacturers in India. The bridal collection range in pure gold, diamonds and handmade gems have also been implemented by them. The Dancing Collection is a special innovation in the hypnotics of suspended diamonds in the gems. While some of their expensive and grandiose gems begin with six digits or higher, they have also affordable, contemporary collections for a lightweight look. Kalyan Jewellers is India's trust -worthiest and most visited jewellery brand, featuring loyalist jewellery swears. Fans are eager to see Amitabh Bachchan as the brand's ambassador.


Malabar Gold & Diamonds was founded in Kerala in 1993 and has more than 210 showrooms in 9 countries and is one of the most trusted Indian jewellery brands with a stunning turnover. The bridal jewelry collection is the most comprehensive for South Indian brides but also for brides from around India. Malabar Gold offers a variety of options, ranging from stylish jewellery for diamonds and platinum for occasions like everyday wear, office-wear to heavily adorned gold and diamond jewelry. The jewelry factory has almost all kinds of gems and jewelry varieties.

Era for the uncut diamond gems and flower theme are noteworthy collections, which are elegant and tangy. The brand's face is Kareena Kapoor.


Tanishq was established in 1994 and one of the biggest retail Indian jewelry chains, with 160 stores, with more than 10,000 crores sales last year. The name was coined with a body meaning' Tan,' and a gold ornament' Nishk.' With collections such as Padmavat & Jodha Akbar, traditional collections such as Swarnam & Shubham, Mia for the cosmopolitan woman, and Rivaah for Brides, Tanishq knows how to entice women. They are much sought after for their wedding occasions. The brand ambassador is Deepika Padukone. Tanishq's advertising appeals to women for their fine balance, which represents, like high-quality gemstones, a woman's strength with her delicate nature.


Based in Delhi and established in 2005, PC Jeweller has rapidly advanced to the Indian jewelry market, and has more than 94 stores in 74 towns and cities. Often located in the high street shopping districts, their jewellery inventory consisted of fabulous collections of diamond jewelry. They have excellent wedding and commitment rings and daily wear gems. They have great offers. The brand ambassadors are Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna.


Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri was established in 1864 as another stalwart on the jewelry arena and the oldest on our lists, and has received numerous honours and great respect from consumers and patronage since then. They have 31 showrooms in all metropolitan cities and several level II & III cities along with 23 urban centres. The bright bridal collections, the artistic gems of festivals, the contemporary Italian collection of jewelry called Ria and the Royal collection of Jewels called Azva are all famous for the spirit of the TBZ. TBZ is at the forefront of quality and innovation when it comes to the sheer richness of craft and art.

Jewellery shopping in the top Indian jewellery shops is an extremely enlightening and rewarding experience for all. These are the highest brand jewellery brands in India which reflect India's pre-eminence over jewellery, heritage, iconic design styles and timeless beauty.
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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Fashion Jewelry Facts and Care Tips

Care for your Jewelry? You must know these facts.

Each Jewelry pieces tell a story without saying. It tells about the personality, style, preferences and a unique taste of the beauty of course. A personal adornment enhances the true beauty of the wearer. Over the period Fashion Jewelry become popular among fashion lovers instead of real jewelry. The wholesale fashion jewelry business is now one of the blooming sectors for the same. One of the prime reasons for the much acceptance of fashion Jewelry is that one can wear this for daily purpose.

Fashion Jewelry is also known as Costume Jewelry. Such pieces are generally made with base metals like copper, brass, aluminum and rhinestones. Jewelry pieces may entirely made out of textile, leather, and base metal alloys. Plastic stones, Swarovski crystal, Cubic crystal form Zirconium includes in Rhinestones. A material making of fashion jewelry makes them crack and tarnish pron. But if you are a fashion admirer, then we have these important tips to save your fashion pieces for longer time without losing the beauty of it.

  • Beer and Ketchup:  Beer and Ketchup are among common households. You also can use them as brightener for your silver and gold pieces easily. Beer helps to clean gold pieces. Ketchup clears the silver items. There are other cleansers like vodka, white vinegar, and baking soda also able to clean the pieces.
  • Kitchen Soap and tooth brush: This is a quickie. Soak the Gold jewelry in dish washing liquid for a while and then scrub gently with toothbrush will bring the previous brightness of that Jewel piece in no time.
  • Straw: To avoid the tangles of the necklaces thread it through a straw. You can follow this tip while travelling also.
  • Transparent box: Transparent organizer boxes are the smart option to organize one’s Jewelry. Many wholesale fashion jewelry sites are also offering such boxes as I high demand now days.
  • Paper Clip: Use paper clip to fasten your bracelet. Bracelet clasping is not easy always. You can easily use a common stationary like paper clip to join both ends of the bracelet to tie up in your wrist.
  • Baby powder and baby oil: Baby powder or baby oil may real saver to untangle a necklace or removing finger ring. They work as a great lubricant with a very minimum applies of it.
  • Nail paint: Fashion jewelry may reveal their true color very soon no matter how fascinating it was. You may use nail paint to paint over a simulated stone jewelry to preserve the bling for a longer time in comparison. You can also use this inside of your finger piece to avoid unnecessary marks in your skin after wearing it.
  • Glue Gun: Bigger size ring issue can easily be solved with a blob of glue from glue gun. It is easy to apply, comfortable to wear and easy to peel off in need.
  • Avoid Salt Water: Get rid of fashion jewels if you are planning to go on a swimming in sea water. Also avoid jewels while you are in a sweating activity like playing, running, working out in a gym.
  • Soft cloths: Use soft cloths or cottons to clean up the jewel pieces and enhance its brightness.
  • Sort out: One should always sort out each category of jewelry. Gold, Silver, Costume Jewelry, Pearls: each item should be separated from one another so that one can use same type of cleaning method to select one category at a time. Gold and Pearl Jewelry should always kept in a separate box or packets.

Great piece of Jewelry is also a piece of art of a fashion lover no matter what form of jewel it is. Above tips will add some extra light in your jewel art collections for sure.

Rhinestone earrings, Pins, Bracelets Chokers, Neck pieces are the most demanding fashion elements in wholesale fashion jewelry market.
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Selling Your Diamond Jewelry and Getting the Most For It

If you are willing to sell your diamond jewelry, than you would also want to get the most for it. However it is not such an easy task as it seems. The reselling of your diamond jewelry can be a tedious task or can end up as a non-profitable business. To ensure that you are getting the best out of selling your lovely piece of diamond jewellery you need to have an idea about your jewelry piece as well as the market strategies. To list a few, you can make a tick-list for yourself before selling your diamond jewelry to ensure that you are going to have the most appreciated and profitable business for your enchanting piece of diamond jewelry.

Know your jewelry:

Before you rush to market towards any Jewelry Stores, you should and you must get an exact description of the quality and authenticity of your jewelry. A piece of expert advice would be helpful, especially by a counselor who is not interested in buying or selling any jewellery product. You can also make an effort of visiting more than one jewellery Stores to get a better opinion about the specification and the value of your jewelry.

Set a legitimate Price:

Having nonsensical return aspirations for your jewelry can lead you towards dissatisfaction. Knowing the potential resale value for your diamond jewelry is what you can know after visiting some trustworthy Jewelry Stores. You can also check the prices by visiting online rates of similar jewellery pieces. And then set the price that anyone would like to get influenced with. Always remember that reselling is a two-way profitable business.

Choose your Buyer:

You can sell your diamond jewelry to any jewellery Stores or to an individual. Now it is up to you, whom you choose as the buyer. Always go with the one who can provide you more profit and with whom the settlement can be more smooth and easy.

The last, but the most important fact that must be considered before selling your diamond jewelry is to be mentally prepared. There should not be any regret left after any such action. So before you are going to sell your diamond jewellery, ask yourself and if you are completely prepared than only move ahead. If you are still uncertain about the choice of buyer. Then you can simply choose the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., is appreciated as the preeminent wholesale diamond jewellery manufacturers. They are the trustworthy manufacturers of diamond jewelry, and thus have a huge market occupancy. With a broad team of accomplished, pure, and creative expertise, their glorious achievements can be readily attained in any partnered diamond jewellery stores. The arts of the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., are of the superior class considering that it is executed with exceptional attention under some renowned makers. They are not only a hero in the wholesale diamond jewellery manufacturing industry but are also the first name in jewelry repairing assistance. Their unique client sustenance is an appended reason and a characteristic that manifests them as the first preference of their clients and customers. With a notion of executing genuine quality and rare designs, that can be efficiently available to the people via several diamond jewellery stores, they are forwarding towards the newest trends and technologies.
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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Wholesale gold jewelry manufacturers from Jaipur

Demands of gold jewelries are quite high nowadays. Women mostly prefer to wear gold jewelries because of its lucrative glittering effect. Not only women but many men also have soft corner towards gold jewelry items. Gold jewelries are luxurious and always help to enhance the beauty of women. That’s the main reason most of the women in India prefer to wear gold jewelries on any special occasions. Indian women also spend most of the money on collecting some alluring jewelry sets. Not only the desire of good look but people also invest huge amount of money on gold purchasing and according to them this is one of the best way to invest your money. The growing demand of gold and raising price of gold seems like a best investment also.

Especially in wedding most of the brides are searching for some unique and attractive gold jewelry. Wedding is a special day and every bride wants to look best on that day and the role of gold jewelries are quite high on those days. Most of them searching for wholesale gold jewelry store because they need different gold jewelry and obviously looking for best deal. A whole sale store can only give the best price deal with some unmatchable trendy jewelry collections. Though nowadays it’s a tough job to find a good jewelry store but you can short out this issue by read some online review regarding any store.

Gold jewelry manufacturer nowadays focuses on trendy fashion gold jewelries according to the market need. They have market experts who frequently mark the choice of people and suggest designers accordingly. Genuine gold jewelry always glitters and looks amazing. Though it needs little bit maintenance but not like other jewelries. In market, you will find several kinds of gold and the value also differs according to the carat of the gold. You will also find three types of gold like white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. Normally gold jewelry experts rate 5 types of carat of gold like 10 carat, 14 carat, 18 carat 22 carat and 24 carat. 24 carat gold is known as the purest one which contains no impurity. Wholesale gold jewelry store keeps every category of gold and also offers custom made jewelry orders according to your requirement.

Our brand DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd is the reputed Gold jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur where you can get assorted Jewries at very good price. We deal with modern and alluring jewelries made of several metals and stones. We are one of the top listed Wholesale gold jewelry stores in Rajasthan. We have number of satisfied customers all across the world. We not only manufacture jewelries but supply those abroad via our trusted and reputed logistic facilities. When it comes to quality of jewelry we assure you that you will get best standard in the market.

The main aim of our store is to provide high quality and latest collections of jewelries to our dearest customers. Customer satisfaction is what we always focus in and we set our standard high in the market as a pioneer jewelry manufacturer. You can purchase gold rings, bangles, necklace and much more for wedding and any special occasions. So hurry up! Grab some amazing collection of trendy Jewelries and fill up your jewelry box with some precious and unmatchable jewelry items. You can visit our website where can review our jewelry collections and order them any time. If you have any doubt or need any information regarding our services then feels free to ask our helpline.
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