Earring maker in Jaipur

We all are driven by the dazzling jewelries and its beauty that can raise a lot of eyebrows. However, these days, the jewelries have been common but what makes one jewelry differ from other is its design. Well, jewelries could be in a different form, right from earring to pendants. Well, we all have heard about jewelry pieces manufactured and sold in Jaipur. Known as a Pink city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is popular for its collection of jewelries. The bridal look without the jewelries is sometimes incomplete and hence, we shall help you understand to locate the popular and quality jewelry and earring maker in Jaipur.

Earring maker in Jaipur

Jaipur has been a center to the visitors visiting the city for tourism purpose. However, when the tourist visit city for tourism, they also make sure of packing the bags with various jewelries, as one could readily observe the difference between the jewelries sold in Jaipur market and the one sold in their cities. We would guide you to city’s popular and respected jewelry traders who have been into business for quite a long time. One must understand that these shops are recommended by the people who have had purchased jewelries from them. Their popularity due to their assurance of quality jewelries speaks most for them.

JKJ Jewelers

This venture was started by Satya Narayan Mosun in the year 1868, and since then it has taken no stop from attracting the visitors. The JKJ Jewelers have had added a number of jewelries to their already bulky collection, and hence it goes without saying that the shop offers a variety of jewelries to the buyers. Also, the shop is quite famous due to its reach to the heart of UAE – Dubai. Having a dedicated team of artisans, the shop was able to explore opportunities of expanding the business in Dubai, which eventually became a breakthrough for the business from 19992 to 1994. However, JKJ was officially launched in 1996 in India.

DWS Jewellery

DWS Jewellery is a reputed name among top jewelry stores in Jaipur, having a wide range of buyers throughout the country with their unique and genuine jewelry. Affordable rates, customer satisfaction, and multiple varieties is what make them a first choice. This jewelry company is popular among the buyers due to its display of more than 20 k jewelry patterns, and also it enables a buyer to design the jewelry as per one’s need. It is one of the popular jewelry shops which have been into business as an earring maker in Jaipur for quite a time now.

Tatiwalas Jewelry

Since it was founded in the year, 1978, the Tatiwalas Jewelry has kept leaping new heights due to its trade of jewelries worldwide. It must be evident that they have been into business for quite a long time due to the trust they have had developed among the buyers. Apart from producing a variety of earrings, the venture is reputed for the trade of diamond and color gemstones.

Kalajee Jewelry

The Kalajee Jewelry shop is known for its trendy jewelries. Also, the shop is quite popular because of its ability to maintain the quality of jewelries that the venture has been selling since years. Apart from its business, the shop has continuously received a lot of praises from its buyers, which also suggests that they have been able to maintain the relationship buy offering the quality product to the investment one makes.

Surana Jewellers of Jaipur

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, the founder of Jaipur, and also one of the respectable rulers of the city had invited the Surana family to display their popular collection of jewelries, and since then the family established a business of jewelries worldwide in 1735. The shop has USP for the handcrafted manufacturing of jewelries. The legacy of the Surana family is still streaming among the buyers and one may hear most of the people recommending their name in Jaipur.

Well, buying jewelry is all about getting along with one’s needs and demands. The above-mentioned shops have quite been known to produce quality work and display the best jewelry pattern that cannot be seen often. The buyers are recommended to purchase what seem best from them. Also, there are other jewelry shops and popular earrings jewellery maker in Jaipur and those, too, providing the quality products and hence one should buy the earrings after verifying the authenticity of the jewelry.

Wholesale Diamond Jewelry Stores in Jaipur

A city blending history, tradition, and culture – yes, Jaipur, Pink city of India, accounts for maximum visitors from in and across India. The mesmerizing sightseeing experience can drove the adrenaline rush, but the city can leave a lasting impression due to its harbor of jewelries.

Diamond jewelry stores in Jaipur

Surprisingly, apart from tourism, most of the visitors chose the city to fill the bags with a variety of jewelries. So, finding the one jewelry that assures you quality seems a bit tough while diving into the ocean of jewelries and traders. Well, here we guide you one of the finest Diamond jewelry stores in Jaipur.

Basically, buying a diamond is not one of the toughest jobs, but finding one store that could offer you original and cost convenient diamond can be tough. Well, in Jaipur there are a number of stores and vendors who sell diamond but buying them can be a tough call as there is surety of authenticity, and hence we recommend you to buy it from the below list of reputed traders who have been into business for quite a long time. 
  • DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.
    14, 000 variety of patterns of jewelries, a team dedicated to delivering your needs, and amazing service of letting the buyer design the pattern with the help of the team at DWS have had made it popular among the jewelry buyers. Located in Jaipur, the shop has attracted an increasing number of buyers due to its quality selling, so far. 
  • JKJ Jewelers
    The JKJ Jewelers have had went leaps and bounds with its unique and amazing collection of diamonds. It is popularly known for its export of jewelries to the world market, and it is quite reputed in terms of maintaining transparency while trading its popular and unique collection of diamonds. 
  • Sangeeta Boochra
    The Sangeet Boochra Jewelers have had received the award of Silver King of India. One must note that they have had been popular in the market of Jaipur as many of the most renowned actors have had visited their outlet. 
  • Gold N Stone
    Gold N Stone Inc can be termed as a venture which is being run by various business partners. These business partners have had their background of being a vendor of jewelries. However, this venture is catching pace with its assurance of quality. However, as the business partners come from a family that has dealt with jewelries for over the years, they bring about a variety of Diamond patterns and its forms to the buyer.

Well, sometimes, buying a diamond is a risky game and the buyers need to cross-check the stores that they may deal with. Also, cross-checking the diamond may do no harm given the investment one does. We recommend you to buy the diamond after thorough verification. The above-given stores are few of the quite unique and renowned stores involved in trading the diamond. Also, the above listed Diamond Jewelry stores in Jaipur are well known by the buyers and hence buying from them minimizes the risk of fraudulent activities.

List of Top Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Stores in Jaipur

Dazzling jewelries can attract even more compliments to your already praised dressing. Well, in India, the jewelries have occupied a special place on occasions, especially during the festivals. But there are also places and cities in the country that are widely known for the unseen and unique jewelries. Jaipur, known as Pink city, is popular for its collection and manufacturing of unique and fresh pattern of jewelries that go well with the trend.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Stores in Jaipur

Sometimes, finding a shop that delivers what you need can be tough and hence a guide would be needed to direct you to the most visited and trusted vendor. Just restricting your need of guide, we provide you the below details of few of the most visited and popular Fashion jewelry stores in Jaipur.

  • JKJ Jewelers - JKJ Jewelers was started by Satya Narayan Mosun in the year 1868, and since then it has continued to leave a trace of quality and creative collection of jewelry. The business of the JKJ Jewelers has spread worldwide and a team responsible for bringing trendy style to the collection has set a certain benchmark in achieving buyers' praise.

  • DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. - Known for its wide array of designs in the fashion segment of jewelries, the DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. It may not just amaze you with its collection of designs, but can also help you with creating your own. The firm is widely known due to the quality of the jewelry it offers. However, the team at DWS is widely appreciated for helping the buyers choose the right jewelry for the right occasion, and certainly the one that goes well with the trend.

  • Kalajee Jewelry - One of the best Fashion Jewelry stores in India, the Kalajee Jewelry has kept itself going by keeping the collection of jewelries that suit the modern women. But the jewelry also doesn’t its individuality. The set of jewelries glorifies the person who adorns it.

  • Surana Jewelers of Jaipur - Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, the founder of Jaipur, had invited the family of Surana to take a look of their creativity in hand crafted jewelries. The maharaja was impressed to such an extent that even today the jewelries which was displayed during ancient times are displayed in the museums set up by the family. The store widely focusses on the handcrafted jewelry that showcases the trendy and vintage look at the same time.

  • Sangeet Boochra - The store was established in 1897 by Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra. Also, the owner and founder of the store received an award as a ‘Silver King of India’. The brand today has more than 35 stores across the world. One must not get surprised if you visit the store and find the picture of few of the renowned Bollywood and Hollywood actors, the store have also been visited by a number of world-famous film stars purchasing diamond as this shop has been an attraction to many worldwide stars.

Buying fashion jewelry requires one to roam the market and finally come across one store that offers you what you need. Well, the above stores would not just showcase the best jewelries in the town but would also assure the quality.

Connecting With Professional Jewelry Makers For Quality Service

With the wedding season starting, the demand for Jewelleries is starting to grow quite significantly. Everybody likes to adore beautiful fashion accessories which can make them look the best on big occasions. But, there is nothing better than the jewelry which can make women go Gaga over it. 

Professional Jewelry Makers

The demand for beautiful jewelry is always high and when it comes to wedding seasons, it literally breaks all records. In Jaipur, there are a number of professional jewelry makers who have always help the market with beautiful craftsmanship and designs. The demand here is always at its peak and why not, it always brings out the best of pieces as per the latest trends and traditional needs. 

How to Reach the Right Company

There are a number of professional jewelry makers in Jaipur who are always at the top of their game when it comes to bringing the most precious stones and diamonds jewelry and make special occasions even more special.

So, if you are in search of professional jewelry manufacturers then, it is important that you check with all the aspects and then hire one for your respective needs. If you are still confused about what are the things you need to consider then, we will help you with it, read along:

  • If they have a website, you can always consider going to their online presence. It will give you a lot more information then you expect and if the website is not presentable and the links are broken then, you must not consider hiring their services. Proper online presence with informative content will certainly make it easier for you to understand the range of jewelry you will be assisted with them.
  • Another important aspect which you must check with the content available on the website. If the content is able to help you understand the kind of jewelry making services the company provides, it makes it easier for you to trust upon them and look forward to work with them. This is the reason why you must go through the content thoroughly and check with the range of services.
  • You must also check the type of jewelry they are able to help you with. If the content about it is not available on the website, then you must consider again for making a purchase from them. The trending Jewellery is a must for you to have in the stock so that you can make the most out of the sale. The ones who are having a mix of traditional and trending ones are just the perfect choice for you to consider.
  • You can also check with the support system of the respective makers if there is any kind of after-sales service available for any glitches in the future. Having a reliable support service will certainly help you have trusted over the company to purchase your wholesale product without any problem at all. This is the reason why it is important for one to have the best support system in place.
  • You must not hesitate and also check with the reviews available online about the respective jewelry makers. This will certainly give you a good idea about how the respective company is when it comes to providing unique and trending pieces. Whether it is able to match with the best of work in the market. There are a number of portals available online where you will get the reviews of the respective company to make it easy for you to decide.
  • You must also compare the rates of wholesale jewelry services as it will help you make a decision with a lot more clarity. If the company is matching with the quality and that too at the very nominal rates then, you must not hesitate and get yourself connected to them to have the best of pieces without putting much of a pressure on the pockets.


So, these are the things which one must always keep in mind while looking for professional jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur. This will certainly make it easier for you to connect with the right names and also help you have quality Jewellery which can make everyone look at you. It will certainly help you make your special occasion bigger than the best. So, do not hesitate and get connected to one of the best jewelry makers now and give yourself a boost of unique collection which you will be proud of! Get connected now and make you celebrations royal! 

Dws Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is the best jewellery maker in Jaipur.

Designs of silver jewellery, and art of DWS Jewellery by Dws Jewellery

Designs of silver jewellery, and art of DWS Jewellery by Dws Jewellery: Before ten to fifteen years jewellery designed has been confined to a specific group of jewellery designers. Now everything has changed. The jewel in the hand of silver jewellery designer has evolved ...

The best method to store necklaces jewelry

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. has always turned its clients into customers which expels necklaces should be stored in the compartments of a divided receptacle individually. Use lined trays or lay items of velvet within the bottom of every compartment to safeguard the chain's surface. Avoid shifting the receptacle often or forcefully, which could cause a fine chain to change state.

  • Make your own compartmental storage with ornamental crockeries like finger bowls, saucers, and teacups. Organize the dishes on a flat surface in your cupboard to brighten your chamber additionally to organize necklaces, keep the receptacle in the drawer. Place single jewellery in every dish.
  • Hang necklaces on the T-shaped horizontal rod of a branched stand. Leave the area between chains to avoid trapping or entangling.
  • Hang necklace on a wall-mount-organizer that has a private hook for every necklace.
  • Hanging jewellery keeps the chain straight thus it cannot change the state itself. Whereas jewellery trees provide this advantage, too, they are doing not give you the flexibility to make sure that the necklaces stay separate. An ornamental pin on a bulletin board to make your own mounted organizer with well-separated hooks.
  • Store chains in strong, fabric jewellery boxes. The boxes lined with velvet which, jewelers use while selling necklaces are ideal for home storage as they feature loops/slits that hold a chain in situ.
  • Necklaces can be stored in travel jewellery case/roll that gives the options of constant loops/slits that ensures safety in the boxes with the benefit that they would not be entangled.
  • Cut a bit of hard-card/cardboard scaled to the ornaments you would like to store. A short and fine chained necklace needs a matchbox-sized box. Large necklaces might need a bit the scale of taking part in cards.
  • Wrap the chains around cards to keep them sorted. Place the card in a velvet pouch. Use individual bags, if you don’t possess velvet pouches.
Store necklaces and jewellery

What are the different types of Necklaces?

5 Styles of Necklace for Men

There are a couple of classes of the men's adornments that are as per the following:

1. Chains

Plain, unornamented chains of valuable metals are male embellishment for quite a long time. Gem specialists can make 'n' number of looks, contingent upon the metal being used, length of the chain, the style of connections and the attaching. We have just a single proposal that never goes for modest options and go for gold, silver, or platinum.

2. Tags

The Military style, hound labels are only a pendant, yet they bear the name and few insights regarding the wearer. Essential pooch labels are only a couple of tabs on a ball chain with content on them. Genuine military labels list the wearer's name their restorative data and rank.

3. Religious Emblems: 

Most of the pendant styles are Christian cross, Stars of David, and other world harmony images that can be shaped into a pendant. Such pieces would be cool and straightforward. You would not need it to be the principal thing that somebody sees about you in a bar loaded with individuals.

4. Chokers

The choker is kind of jewellery that would not in any way. It is a strong band around the neck that would not hang down, Dog collars are a kind of choker, so are the woven accessories that are prevalent with surfers and Rasta culture.

5. Pendants

Pendant is abroad term that has its own kinds yet its single little adornment on long chain or rope, it is made in a design to such an extent that it is well underneath your neck area. They are extremely normal and adaptable. The pendant can be anything might be a molded gem to earthen tablet with characters carved on it or a modest vial or little parchment, fundamentally anything that is little enough to lay on your breastbone, it'd work.

You can buy 5 Styles of Necklace Jewelry for Men at Dws Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

About Larimar Gemstone | Dws Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

Can we wear gemstones as pendants or lockets?

Wearing gems for self-articulation

As our predecessors ended up mindful and began to consider who or what they are and about their own way of life as people, adornments turned into a method for self-articulation; a method for demonstrating the world about what your identity was.

An educator of Palaeolithic archaic exploration in Bristol says that since ancient occasions, age, sex, family, tribe connection, status and more may have been conveyed through adornments.

Today gems are as yet utilized as a method for self-articulation. Designs that you pick can fluctuate from fragile or strong, repressed, beautiful, complex and costly or on spending plan and basic. Images engraved on bits of gems can convey their very own importance, adornments must be viewed as an impression of a wearer's character.

Gifting gems likewise is a method for enlightening individuals how you feel regarding them or towards them communicating adoration and warmth for an individual or communicating feelings through a bit of adornment and its hues and images.

Wearing adornments for vitality and power

For ages now, people have built up a hugeness and certain significance to a couple of gemstones, metals and utilizing them gems. Old Egyptians made ornaments and charms with enchanted and otherworldly controls.

A few bits of the gems pieces were made with gemstones or globules which were said to bring good karma, while others were known to have recuperating powers, or would have filled an increasingly explicit need from upgrading one's life to drawing in cash/love into your life, or to shield you from nibbles of creepy crawlies or tempests.

Religious pendants could likewise be utilized for defensive purposes. Model being adornments made with the picture of Saint Christopher, a holy person of explorers is once in a while worn by individuals who go on long goes to shield them from damage, and some who work in the therapeutic or paramedic administrations wear Saint Jude pendants or pictures, who is a holy person of frantic circumstances, And with, would improve the odds of endurance. Wearing a pendant resounds with the idea of the birthstone and the hypothesis of mending precious stones/chakra treatment.

buy wearing pendants at wholesale prices

You can buy wearing pendants at wholesale prices from Dws Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

When starting an e-commerce jewelry business, is it okay to only offer the bracelet cuffs in one average size?

When it comes to offering bracelet cuffs there are a number of online stores offering different sizes which can match the customer needs as per the specific requirements. But, if as a jewelry business online you are looking forward to opt for an average bracelet size then, it will not only get customers confused and also it just not be perfect for many of the customers. In fact, it has been seen that there is no rule stating that you need to go with specific size average to present to your customer. So, there is no problem if you carry a different range of sizes of bracelet cuffs. The primary objective has always been to maintain the quality of the cuffs so that it can remain exactly as per the expectation of your customers when it comes to size, it is okay to have different variety on the store so that it can fulfill the demands of customers as per the specific needs rather than having average size.

But, if you consider going for average bracelet size, there are a number of factors which you must keep into consideration to avail the best of results for your business. You must check with each and every aspects related to cost and your customer behavior before deciding upon the size of your bracelet cuff. Yes, you need to understand what your customers are looking forward to having from the bracelet and what is the perfect size which can match all the needs. This will help you with your warehousing needs so that you can get your time spent introducing bracelet cuff of average size. It will help you get the customers engaged to bracelet and give you the profits you are looking forward to having. So, is completely fine if you decide to go for average bracelet size if you have a complete understanding of the market.