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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Wholesale Indian traditional jewelry factory in Jaipur

Even though the various developments have been made in the jewelry designs with various modern fusion techniques, the love for traditional designs will always remain the same. Fashion is a circle and as a result, the old traditions are bound to reappear with a hint of a modern mix in them. Jewelry is also a victim of these statements and the antique jewelry these days have been gaining more attention and customers. With the increasing amount of jewelers, the competition has grown heavy and as a result, various designs have been produced in the field of jewelry. But among these thousands of various jewelers, only a few have gained a name and fame among the people.
18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Traditional Jhumka Earrings with Pearl Bead
DWS Jewellery is one such jewelry which with its unique design and a wide range of collections have attracted many customers. We have our own team of professional designers along with our own manufacturing units to satisfy the jewelry needs of our customers.

Though modern jewelry with their unique look and fashion have attracted the concentration of several people, people still love their traditions and always tent to go back to their old ways that have been embedded in their genes. Making a piece of traditional jewelry requires extensive skills and workmanship since the richness of the jewellery lies in the details of the jewels. DWS jewellery excels in the production of Indian traditional jewelry and they have a talented team to support them in the production.

Temple sets

The temple set jewels are nothing but necklaces, bangles and pendants that are designed with the images of God and other sculptures, like images found in the architecture of old-aged temples. This temple jewelry provides a rich and elegant look and they go well with both sarees and modern dresses based on the design. They can be made in a completely traditional way, which is suitable for sarees and they can also be made with a bit of modern mix in it, to make it suitable for salwar and lehangas. The bangles also have the same designs as the necklaces and they are mostly available as a set. A single bangle in each hand is more than enough to provide a grand look. They can be matched with earrings that also have an antique finish with jhumkis.

DWS Jewellery have a wide range of collections of temple jewelry and the customers can even if and match their jewelry sets. Also, if the colour of the matched set varies, we can re-coat it for you with the perfect colour of your choice in our very own workshop. The earrings and rings can also be picked and matched this way. They making charges for this intense craftsmanship are extremely low compared to other jewelers.

Shop online from your home

Shopping online is an easy process and it's best suited for people who are busy and unable to shop due to their hectic schedule. Also, for people living far away from our store can use the online facilities available with us to select a product and order them online. The customers can visit our website and view a variety of designs that have been displayed in the form of images. Along with the images, a detailed description is also given to provide a perfect virtual image in the minds of the customers. Also, the real jewelry will look exactly the same as the one in the images. Thus DWS jewellery have made online jewelry shopping an easier option. So visit the DWS Jewellery website to shop Indian jewelry online. Being one of the leading traditional jewelry manufacturers we can also provide our customers with the required unique design. One of the common disadvantages in the temple and other antique pieces of jewelry is that they involve a lot of wastage and making charges based on the design of the jewels. But since we own our own manufacturing unit, we make sure to provide our customers with the lowest making and wastage charges possible.

Traditional brass jewelry

Before the gold, the people mostly used brass made jewels with gold plating. Even today's gold is a mixture of brass and gold. Brass gives flexibility to gold jewelry. The trend of wearing gold plated brass jewelry is back and DWS Jewellery is keeping up with the modern trends by producing brass jewelry with perfect workmanship and the plating is done perfectly that it would be difficult for the ordinary eyes to differentiate between normal and gold plated jewelry.

Similar to brass jewelry we also have a range of gold plated sterling silver jewels that are mostly with modern designs. This brass and sterling silver jewelry are available for both simple and rich looking bangles, rings, and earrings. They also have gold plated necklaces and chains.

We also have a varied amount of sterling silver based antique pieces with the gems embedded in them. These traditional Rajasthan designs are famous all over the world and these jewels can go well with modern and traditional dresses. These collections are also available online and the customers can order them online or directly visit us for much detailed experience. We also have our very own workshop and we provide repair services for the customers that include, repairing broken chains, re-polishing the silver and other coated jewels, polishing the gold to create an antique feel, resizing the rings, etc.. We also have a wide range of diamond collections and uniquely designed engagement rings to gift others. The clients can also make their own unique ring designs and we will provide it for the clients.

Recently there have been several reporting of people saying that most of the jewels have brass hidden inside the gold jewels to increase the weight of the gold and get more money from the people. We at DWS Jewellery provide a perfect warranty for the purity of our jewelry and we believe in customer satisfaction and service. So people should make sure to buy the jewels from a reputed jewelry to prevent loss of money through duplicate gold, stones and diamonds.
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Friday, February 15, 2019

Wholesale gold jewelry factory in India

If there is one day, every Indian woman dreams about, it is their day of marriage. Marriages are a festival in India with lots of relatives surrounding us and the houses are filled with happiness and laughter. Among all the fun activities in marriage, there are also some serious purchases involved like selecting bridal dresses along with hair and makeup. The bridal jewellery is also the most important part of marriages. Selecting jewellery can be a tiring task since it involves moving from one shop to another to buy the perfect jewels that suit their needs.
Fashion Jewelry Filling Process, Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer in Jaipur
This tiring process can be prevented by visiting DWS Jewellery store which is a wholesale gold jewelry showroom. With the availability of our own manufacturing unit and workshop, we can design all types of jewellery required for the marriage and manufacture it. The shop contains a wide range of gold jewellery collection suitable for both normal and marriage wear. The bride can choose their favourite design among the several other designs available. There are various types of gold jewellery designs available and let's see about them in detail.

The Antique Sets

One of the recent trends in the department of jewellery is wearing antique based designs for their marriage. Since most of the Indian women where traditional saree and mostly red saree for their marriage wearing an antique modelled jewellery will go well along with that providing a rich and traditional look. These antique pieces of jewellery are basically normal gold jewels with antique based designs and for a final touch, these golden jewels are given an antique based colouring. The colours mostly look like brass or a pinkish red gold. DWS Jewellers have a variety of antique designs available along with perfect stonework. Manufacturing and designing an antique piece requires a lot of patience and perfect craftsmanship both of which is available in our Jewellers. These gold necklace for women worn during their day of marriage will increase their beauty and make them feel like a princess.

Normal plain gold jewellery

When antique pieces go well with the traditional attire, the other normal plain gold jewellery can be worn during other functions including Sangeet, Mehandi and other events in the marriage. These gold jewels define their simplicity and they are most suitable for the low key events in the marriage. They will make the bride look simple and elegant.

Other gold jewels

While necklaces constitute the major part of the purchase there are other small jewels that need to be purchased like earrings, bangles and rings. Though small they also play an equal role in enhancing the beauty of the person. DWS Jewellery is a wholesale ring jewelry manufacturer and they excel in the creation of perfectly designed normal and engagement rings. With their own jewelry factory, they can alter the size of the ring and they also manufacture the unique designs requested by the customers with utmost perfection.  We are also one of the leading wholesale gold earrings jewelry manufacturers. While choosing earrings it is essential that the design matches with the rest of the jewellery the person is wearing. So DWS Jewellery has designed a variety of earrings that includes both normal designs and antique designed jewellery to go along with the antique necklaces.

Modern jewellery designs 

The other important event in marriage is the reception and for the reception, the only suitable jewellery is highly designed rich looking modern jewellery. While most of the brides prefer diamond some also go with good modern designed gold jewels. Since modern designs have a huge amount of repetition, the brides if they wish can design their own unique design with the help of our artists and we will manufacture it for the bride.

We also have our unique collection of bracelets and bangles. For a perfect modern look, bracelets with a rich design would be more suitable for the bride. The bride can also combine it with bangles for a more grand look. The designs are unique and our designers and craftsman have made sure it meets the needs of a perfect bride.

Despite these grand function wear that is suitable for marriages, the bride also requires a new set of jewellery for normal usage while visiting other marriages and parties. So in order to satisfy those needs, we also have a variety of plain gold jewellery that is simple and the brides can also choose other silver and diamond jewellery designs to wear on their normal day or while attending simple parties.

Jewels for Other relations

It's not only the bride that buys jewellery for a marriage. As said above, marriage is a function that involves a lot of relations and DWS Jewellery also has designed special jewels for them. We have a wide range of collections from extremely modern designs for the younger generation and jewels with a fusion of old and modern touches for the aged old generation people. We also have a wide range of men’s jewellery collection from chains to bracelets. 24-carat gold plated jewellery made up of sterling silver is also available for people who do not wish to risk wearing heavy gold jewellery but also want to look good.  The antique sterling silver designs also can be worn by friends and relatives. And the bride also can try these designs to keep it in her personal collection for future usage.   We also have a wide range of statement jewellery and the bride or the groom can gift each other with these unique jewels. Also if the family wishes to gift all the members with a silver coin or silver rings, we being one the largest wholesale silver dealer in the state can manufacture the rings in our own factory with unique wordings written on them.

For further information contact us on our website www.dwsjewellery.com or visit our store personally to gain a better experience. Also, make sure to view the list of online jewellery that bought online by the customers. The online ordering is extremely safe and the delivered product will be of the same quality as the store-bought jewellery.
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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturers in India

People love traditional designs and antique jewellery in India are famous all over the world. Along with these fashion jewellery, India also has a wide range of fashion jewellery collections. Fashion jewels are made up of modern designs and sometimes the traditional designs are tweaked a little resulting in an old but a new design that can be worn for both sarees and normal salwars and skirts. These modern fashion jewellery include rings, nose pins, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, toe rings, anklets, trinkets, etc...
Leaf Design Brass 18k Gold Plated Chandelier Fashion Earrings Jewelry
Women always love wearing jewellery while our mother went with old antique pieces the modern women prefer these fashion jewellery. Even though tradition and fashion have changed women still prefer to enhance their beauty by wearing these pieces of jewellery.

DWS Jewellery is one of the most famous wholesale fashion jewelry store and one of the top fashion jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur district in Rajasthan. Located in the land of kings and queens we design jewels that make our customers feel like the kings and queens of Jaipur. We also have our very own workshop to repair peoples jewellery and adjust ring sizes. We also provide various other forms of services like polishing, repairing, attaching extra lock for chains and bracelets.

Sterling silver fashion jewellery

Silver has been under use for a very long period. People have been using silver for jewellery making and other forms of vessels like plates. Silver has good antibiotic properties that destroy the viruses and other forms of antibodies that cause infection. Because of its medicinal properties, people have been wearing silver for a longer period of time to protect themselves from infections. Since infections enter the human body through legs people have been wearing silver anklets and toe rings for centuries to protect themselves from infection. Even though gold has rapidly grown in the market of jewellery silver still has held onto its place. We manufacture all types of silver jewels from rings to chains. We have a wide range of latest modelled silver jewellery including necklace and pendants with semi-precious stones embedded in them. These stones embedded jewellery give an antique finish to the jewels and they can be worn along with both sarees and salwars. Being one of the top sterling jewellery manufacturers in India we also provide 24-carat gold plates sterling jewellery designs. If our customers love a silver design but want it in the colour of gold, our unique workshop will gold plate the jewels within hours and deliver it to the customers. We can also create a pure gold designed jewellery similar to the silver ones since we have our own jewelry manufacturing companies. We also have both factory made and unique handcrafted collection available.

Simple silver made wedding bands with simple diamonds embedded in them are also famously known as love bands are available with us. Customers can also write their names in these bands and also their vows. Gift these love bands as a promise of love to your loved ones. The anklets are one of the most commonly worn jewellery items in India. The traditional anklets are heavy with a lot of beads that produces sound while walking. But our modern range of mild and simple designs anklets have a single layer with one or two beads to produce a simple sound and we also have anklets without any beads. This modernly designed fashion jewellery is famous among college girls and other women. These jewels go well with jeans and shorts.

Fashion gold jewellery

Gold is one of the commonly used metal in jewellery making and the recent fashion jewellery collections in gold are mostly simple with unique designs. Most of the office and college-going women prefer simple yet unique designs that will separate their style from others. Simple pendants with single stones of semi-precious stones or pave diamond jewellery are one of the most famous jewels available in the market.

Simple gold rings with modern designs and rings embedded with pave diamonds are more common among the youngsters now. The rings with a single row of pave diamond settings are some yet elegant in design.  Engagement rings with modern designs are also available in our shops.

A variety of earrings with drops and stones embedded on them are available in our stores. The recent trend in earrings is a simple head with long drops. Largely shaped earnings are in the current trend. Earrings with larger loops and lengthy drops are common fashion statements. DWS jewellers have all these unique designs available both in gold and diamonds. Our wide range of diamond collections in earrings with various stones from pave diamonds technology to high-quality perfect cut stones are available. We have captured the hearts of many youngsters with our jewellery.

DWS jewellery is one of the famous costume jewellery shops in Rajasthan and we have our own fashion jewellery designers who are extremely talented and provide latest model fashion jewellery items. Like earrings and rings, we also have a wide range of bracelets available. Bracelets are available in both chain and bangle type forms. We have simple plain designed bracelets; stone embedded designs, and designs with pave diamonds and other forms of diamond. The bangle type bracelets come with size adjustments so people can wear it however they want to. The size of the chain model bracelets can also be altered in our separate workshops. The diamond bracelet makes the best party wear being suitable for modern dresses. We have our very own website at www.dwsjewelllery.com where we have displayed a wide range of our collections. Customers can also order online from the website. Our online orders are taken seriously and jewels are delivered with utmost safety, without any damage to the jewels. We provide a guarantee for the originality of our jewels and stones both precious and semi-precious ones.

Our jewellery showroom also accepts unique design orders for bridal jewellery and the bride and grooms can also design their own form of designs with the help of our designers for both traditional marriage designs and fashion reception wear jewellery. So visit us to gain a unique experience in the world of jewellery.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wholesale semi precious stone jewellery manufacturers in India

Gold jewels have been a commonly used jewel item for several centuries and even though traditional plain gold jewels with various designs are famous, the recent fashion of embedding the gold jewels with highly polished naturally occurred stones make the jewel look more rich and beautiful. From diamonds to emerald and various other stones like Jade, and moonstone give a finishing and rich look to these jewellery items. Jaipur in Rajasthan has been known well for stone embedded jewellery. The various types of Jaipur stones are famous all over the world and they are bought as souvenirs by foreign tourists visiting the country. The stones along with the intricate designs have attracted the attention of people all over the country and world.

DWS Jewellery being one of the largest jewellery wholesale manufacturers and dealers also deal with the production and supply of all types of natural made stones. We are also one of the largest natural stone wholesalers in the state and we provide all types of stones including the common and rare ones. We are one of the biggest gemstone jewellery manufacturers in Rajasthan.

Beautiful rings

Rings are one of the most common ornaments worn all over the world. In some countries, rings represent engagement and marriage. But they are also worn as a common fashion ornament. India is well known for horoscopes and Indians to believe wearing their natural birthstones will prevent them from the eye of the Evil. We have all types of natural and pure form of birthstones available and they can be embedded either in rings or in any form of jewellery as per the preferred choice of the customer. Our birthstones are pure and they are very effective as they are natural and pure.

Antique pieces

Despite the creation of several modern forms of jewellery, the craze for antique designs still remains the same. And Jaipur’s most famous sterling silver antique pieces with the stones embedded in them are more famous and the designs are created in such a way that they are more suitable for both traditional and modern attire. DWS Jewellery being one of the best jewellery manufacturers in India provide the best set of antique jewellery designs embedded with semi-precious stones. These semi-precious stones jewellery like an emerald, moonstones etc... Are cheaper and they also give a rich look.

We have our own manufacturing unit so we can supply the customers with varying designs each time and we also manufacture the designs preferred by the customers as per their request. It doesn’t involve any extra charges. These sterling silver made antique pieces of jewellery are available in the form of earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets and chains, semi-precious time made pendants are also available and they are famous all over the world.

Earrings with stones

To match these pendants and other forms of jewellery, we also produce sterling silver Antique designed earrings with the stones embedded in them. We have simple and elegant designed earnings to highly crafted rich designs. People love our earrings and they can be matched with your pendants and necklaces. Along with earnings we also provide matching bracelets and bangles. When these traditional jewellery are worn with sarees, they complete your look and adds extra richness to saree. Unlike gold, the silver jewels do not stand out and they blend in with the saree or other dresses giving a perfect finish.

Gem Store

We have our very own unique gem store and people who want to purchase the stones alone and not the jewels can also approach us as we are one of the best wholesale gemstone jewellery manufacturers and gemstone dealers. Even though these stones are sold in shops all over Rajasthan, there are some dealers who mix duplicate stones along with the original ones making more money. People should be more careful while buying these stones and it's better to ask the warranty of the stones. These type of duplicate mixes are available in both semi-precious and precious stones like diamonds too. DWS Jewellery also has a unique collection of diamond jewellery designs with the semi-precious stones like emerald and ruby placed in the middle to enhance the beauty of the necklaces and with modern lock system technology people can also change these centerpiece stones by themselves to match their attire. The stones are locked by screws in the backside of the necklaces and they can be easily removed and changed by the customers.

Nowadays the recent trend in engagement rings is the diamond is located in the centre and they are surrounded by small semi-precious stones mostly emerald and ruby to enhance the design and the look in the diamond. DWS Jewellery always follows and keeps up with the latest trends in the market and sometimes we also create trends in the market with our very own jewellery manufacturing factory and designers.

Shop online

We have our very own online website in www.dwsjewelllery.com and customers can visit our site to view a wide range of collections available. They can also purchase our jewellery online and the products are delivered carefully and safely to our clients without any form of damages. The products look exactly the same as the one in the images. The other details like the quality and quantity of gold and the description of stones are given along with the images and they are also the same for the delivered products. With the development of modern trends, it is impossible for people to make time to visit a jewellery shop in person. This shopping portal is mainly for people who love shopping but do not have enough time to spend. Customers can also make bulk orders of jewellery for giving as gifts in functions and marriages to their relatives.

The gemstone rings and earrings will make a good addition to the customer's collection. We also have a wide range of nose pins and. Toe rings available. The customer can also design a whole set of jewels from head to toe and we will manufacture it for them. All our designs are handcrafted and they are unique and rich.
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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Fine wholesale jewelry repair service center near me

Are you looking for the finest wholesale repair service nearest to you? Or your search is for an on-site jewelry repair near me? Whatever your search was, you are certainly in the right place. We are the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., a jewelry manufacturing company based in Jaipur, the pink city of India. We are known for our astounding services and astonishing quality since 2004. Our years of expertise is easily visible in the form of the quality of our services. Along with our major services like Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Mold Making, Lost wax casting, Laser Welding, setting, Engraving, Finishing etc., repairing of impaired pieces of jewelry is also our forte. We also offer wholesale jewelry repair services to our clients. Fast fix jewelry repair is the unique feature of our premier jewelry service center in Jaipur. You can search for all of our fast fix jewelry repair locations to get a list of all of our jewelry repair center in India.

DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., is a renowned name in the field of jewelry manufacturing with an attitude of gratitude. DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., offers both online and offline support and related operation and functionality to the world. Leaving behind the old time taking the process of Jewellery manufacturing and repairing, DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., is committed to providing unique jewelry manufacturing solutions and automated repairing services. With a great team of creative, juvenile, and innovative minds, we not only provide optimized solutions for jewelry manufacturers but also for its repairing, including gold, diamond, silver, fashion jewelry etc. Being a leading firm based in India, we are known for our astounding customer support. Committed to your requirements, our designing teamwork for hours to plan and detect the exact solution you need. Though we have our roots in India, we have a global presence. We have our Clients from all over the world, and we can proudly say that we serve them all equally and with the Best. The uniqueness of the services we provide can be simply described in one line as, a high-quality solution as per your requirement.

Whether you are a designer, a retailer or an owner of a jewelry shop, we can provide you with the best jewelry manufacturing and repair facilities. Our team of juvenile, elated and creative minds works for hours with full dedication and with their best minds to provide you with the best manufacturing and wholesale jewelry repair services. You can try us for the manufacturing of any type of jewelry or gemstone, be it gold or silver or any type of repair, for instance, ring repair service or bangle repair service. We are here to bring your dream designs to reality in the best possible way. We are here to help you with your jewelry business with our perfect services and solutions.

We work for the satisfaction of our customers. And this is the reason that we are not only limited to our own city for our services. We are boundless. Being rooted in India we have our foot in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan also. The list is still growing in a continuous manner. The great team of DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., is committed to providing unique and creative jewelry manufacturing and repair services to the world. Our jewelry warehouse is home of some great artisans, talented, and skilled designers. We have top artisans and designers with proficiency in every desired domain required for Jewellery manufacturing and repair. Not only our team but also our technology and techniques are unique in themselves. Neither using the old ones nor the new, we go with a perfect combo of both of these techniques to give an advance but a distinctive look to your design. Hire us and we will deliver you a piece of prodigious high-quality jewelry not similar to but exactly same as your requirements. The Jewellery repair service is only a small display of what our team is actually capable of.

We are a custom Jewellery manufacturer but not restricted to it. We are on the top as a fashion jewelry manufacturer, a gemstone jewelry manufacturer, a gold jewelry manufacturer, a silver jewelry manufacturer or a diamond jewelry manufacturer too. You can choose us for any or choose us for all. To serve the best is our mission. You can trust us blindly for your business. We understand the importance of confidentiality in the jewelry business and thus we maintain it in a completely professional manner. Your ideas and projects will remain confidential with us. We are the first choice of our customers who are eagerly looking for a service like same-day jewelry repair near me, best jewelry repair near me or fine jewelry repair near me. You can also check for some of our jewelry shopping outlets from our website. Whether you are looking for a local jewelry repair service or a nearest jewelry repair service, we are the best choice for you.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Must have gold jewelry pieces

Just like the little black dress hanging in the wardrobe of every woman, there are few jewelry pieces that every woman need in their jewelry box that can transit an outfit from daywear to evening wear in the blink of an eye. It is not important to turn your jewelry boxes into massive treasure chests to be on top in the race of fashion trends, it is about stocking your jewelry box with few timeless jewelry pieces. Trends come and go but gold jewelry pieces have the ability to make you look and feel like a million bucks. Gold jewelry pieces have the potential to give you a timeless look then be it a bold look or delicate look. Here is a list of few gold jewelry pieces that every woman should own to add a simple elegance to any outfit.

  1. Rings: There are various types of rings available in the market such as a contemporary ring, cocktail ring, statement ring, stacking ring, birthstone ring, band, and others. Amongst these statement rings are the ones which never go out of trend. In statement rings the focus is on gold and not any stone. These chunky statement rings can stand out on their own without any bling. Or you can just adorn your fingers with a stack of thin gold rings, so collect a variety of these rings. Look for rings with words, symbols, letters or shapes to express yourself more prominently. You can easily get these statement rings and stacking rings at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd as they are the best gold jewelry manufacturer. 
  2. Necklaces: The first thing that anyone notices about the other person is the jewelry and in jewelry specifically necklace, so choose them wisely. Amongst the various options in necklaces statement necklaces and layering necklaces are the ones which help you get noticed at each and every gathering. Statement necklaces are the ones which add an extra richness to any look and can instantly dress up any outfit. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is one of the Jaipur’s renowned gold jewelry manufacturers.
  3. Earrings: Earring is one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry. So, whenever you are in doubt as what you should wear with an outfit the safest yet classy option is to wear a pair of matching earrings. A girl must have chandelier, hoops, and studs in their jewelry box. Earrings, be it a chandelier, hoops or studs adds a sexy twist to any outfit and goes really well with sarees, lehenga, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and others. If you also want to own some cool funky and trendy earrings DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd is the place for you as they have a collection to die for. Also, the products which are being offered by them are 100% genuine and are known also the world as the best gold jewelry manufacturers
  4. Bracelets: Bracelet adds boldness to any outfit and that is the reason why people prefer it even more and especially when these bracelets are wide cuffs. While buying bracelets look for details like cutouts and inlaid accents. Bracelets can easily be hidden by long sleeves, so to flaunt your bracelet wear it with short-sleeved or three-fourth tops and dresses. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. has some uniquely designed bracelets and is best gold jewelry manufacturers. 
  5. Bangles: In Indian culture, “Solah Shringar” is a must for married as well as would be married women and bangles are an essential part of it. It is an everyday piece of jewelry, so instead of investing your money in glass or metal bangles invest your money in buying gold bangles as they never go out of trend. You can wear these bangles solo or can pair it up with bangles of different material. Purchasing gold bangles requires a huge investment of money and that’s why people look out for authentic and certified gold jewelry manufacturers and DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is one of them. 
  6. Cufflinks: The one jewelry piece, the men and boys are obsessed with and can’t do without are cufflinks. Though this jewelry piece is small in size yet it has the power to captivate everyone’s attention towards it. A wide range of cufflinks is available in the market, so invest your money wisely. Cufflinks embedded with emerald, topaz or any other precious or semi-precious gemstone is perfect to be worn on any special occasion as it adds bling to an outfit. The one restrictive point about cufflink is that they cannot be paired with informal clothes like jeans and a t-shirt. They can be paired be formal as well as traditional outfits. At DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. you can get your cufflinks customized according to your taste and needs without any extra charge and that too in pure gold. 

If you also want to be a pro in this fashion race then hurry up and get these essential jewelry pieces in your jewelry box now. The place which will help you get the best out of your money is DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. as they are no.1 gold jewelry manufacturers of Jaipur. Get to know them better through their website www.dwsjewelry.com or visit their store in Jaipur.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Top Bridal Jewelry Trends This Season

Being a bride is all about being the being the center of attraction. And gold jewelry never goes out of fashion. So what is a better combination than bride and gold!!! Brides and gold jewelry go hand in hand.

As the wedding season is around the corner and all the brides out there will be confused what jewelry to wear to look their best on their D-day so let’s see what’s ‘in’ in this wedding season for the brides. And the best place to buy your jewelry is none other than DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. which the best gold jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur. They use the best pure gold to make their gold jewelry and you can get the jewelry customized also according to your taste at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.
Let’s check out what all jewelry you can wear on the big day to complete your look.


These are the must-haves in the bridal attire. You can wear either a mathapatti (which covers the whole forehead) or just a big maangtikka to complete your head look. Borla is worn among the Rajasthani brides instead of maangtikka. It is similar to maangtikka except for the fact that it has a spherical shaped dome or bore – a fruit found in Rajasthan and it is connected by a gold chain to help to attach it to the hair. You can get these at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. in Jaipur who manufactures their own gold jewelry in Jaipur. 


These are a must for the brides. There are many types of earrings in trend these like chandbalis – which are crescent moon shaped earrings with Kundan work; jhumkis – which can be 1-tier, 2-tier or 3-tier depending on how heavy you want the earrings to be or it can be a combination of the 2 in which below chandbalis a jhumki is attached.Nowadays large hoops are also in trend. They are available in various designs. Buying these will be a good spend for all the brides out there. You can get these also at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. in Jaipur.


These are the long necklaces with layers ranging from 3-layered to 5-layered to 7-layered and they look heavy in themselves. You can get them customized at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. which is the best gold jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur.


The current trend is to pair these layered long necklace with a heavy choker, which is a neckband, to complete the bridal look. Jadau chokers are in fashion these days especially after the recent weddings of actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. These when paired with the long layered necklace or long heavy necklace will make you stand out at your wedding in all your wedding photographs. You can get these at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., the gold jewelry manufacturers at Jaipur.


A bride looks incomplete without a nose ring or nath. The common trend in nath is a small hoop which is attached via a gold chain to the hair. These can be found in variable designs which you can get at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur.


Nowadays the new fashion is to wear rings of different gold together like rose gold and white gold or yellow gold and platinum together. These are contrasting color and look very different together as compared to the traditional wedding ring. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. manufactures all these types of rings. You can also get your rings customized here.


These are also in trend these days which basically starts from fingers and is connected to wrist bracelet via a chain. This is in trend among a lot of new brides these days. You can get a variety of hathphool designs to choose from none other than DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. in Jaipur.


Heavy gold bangles, when combined with the bangles, give a rich look to the entire attire of the bride. They come in a variety of designs which you can match with your lehenga and bangles. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. in Jaipur manufactures a variety of gold bangles (kadas) ranging from light to heavy, to select from.


This is a very traditional trend in South Indian marriages but nowadays the brides from other parts of India have also started wearing it as a fashion trend. It is mostly made of gold and is manufactured by the DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur.


It is worn on the upper arm below the end of the blouse. It is made of gold and work is done with precious stones on it. It is a very important part of jewelry in Rajasthani brides. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. has a variety of Bbajubandhs available at their store in Jaipur and on their website.

So to all the young brides out there, I feel it will be a very useful guide for your upcoming big day and you can get all these at just one place i.e. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur. You can get something customized for you too and if you don’t have any time to visit their store you can order it online without worrying about the quality of gold used as they use the best quality gold to manufacture all these ornaments at their own factory.

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Monday, December 24, 2018

Designer gemstone custom jewelry wholesale manufacturer in Jaipur

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Custom jewelry manufacturers | Custom jewelry design making online

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Amazing Types of Silver Jewelry

Usually, a normal man is not aware of the types of silver jewelry. He just doesn’t bother too much and holds the opinion that there is only one type of silver jewelry. But actually, there are amazing types of silver jewelry. People think that 925 sterling silver jewelry and regular silver jewelry is exactly the same thing. Of course, these two terms are used interchangeably quite often, but indeed, they have the basic specific differences. Silver jewelry and 925 sterling silver jewelry are, indeed, two distinct materials having totally different make-ups, care techniques, life spans and even different prices. Although, both are available in leading wholesale silver jewelry shop as well as wholesale jewelry store.
Silver Earrings Jewelry Store
Now the question arises pertaining to their actual differences. The common queries that occupy anybody’s thought process areas noted below.

  • What are the exact differences between different types of silver jewelry?
  • Which one is better?
  • Which silver should be preferred to make silver jewelry?

We are here to answer your all such queries pertaining to different types of silver jewelry. This blog is going to help you in understanding the difference, usage of various types of silver for different purposes. Of course, once you have the correct knowledge, this will certainly help you in buying better quality of silver jewelry either from wholesale jewelry shop or wholesale jewelry stores or online.

Silver Jewelry and 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry - The Difference:

Usually for a common man, it’s not so easy to decide the status of the silver just at a quick glance. Hereby, we should try to learn the difference between the two.

Pure Silver:

The item that is narrated as pure silver is also known as fine silver. In fact, the pure silver is made of 99.9% pure element of silver. Although, it might contain very few trace elements, say just 0.01% but it’s essentially pure elemental silver.

Usage of Pure Silver:

Pure silver is not commonly used in making jewelry as the pure silver is too malleable. If we talk about jewelry, pure silver is less often used than other precious metals, such as sterling silver or silver 925 for a diversity of reasons. The main reason is that pure silver is too malleable and quite soft in nature. Hence, it’s not viable to mold the jewelry properly in specific shapes. Due to its softness, fine silver items are not as durable. Pure silver items can easily be bent or damaged. Due to all these reasons, pure silver is not used to make fine and delicate jewelry articles.

Because of the softness the pure silver carries, silver is usually mixed up with different metals so as to toughen it up. Once this is done, the silver does not remain pure anymore.

How to Judge If It's Pure:

When we talk about pure silver, it is stamped with a marker indicating that it’s fine silver. The stamp carries the mark of 999 or 99.9 or otherwise means that it is 99.9% silver, hence, it must be considered as fine silver.

Furthermore, in case of pure silver, it doesn’t tarnish when it is exposed to air or moisturizes due to its purity and high-quality item whereas other metals mat get tarnished. Hence, it’s a little bit more expensive than sterling silver.

Silver Silver:

Sterling silver is the creation of mixture of copper or zinc to pure silver so as to add to its durability. Sterling silver has to be necessarily a mixture of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metal. It’s a very important factor to bear in mind while purchasing silver or sterling silver jewelry. Any article e carrying less than this percentage will not be considered as sterling silver as per the US Standards. As is said, although these standards were established in 1300s but these were popularized in the 1990s by Tiffany & Co. But these are not worldwide standards. Each country has set its own standards. Hence, it becomes essential to check the markings on the piece itself, especially if buying overseas.
The major feature of sterling silver is that it is more cost effective. At the same time, it is pretty easy to repair or replace when compared to pure silver.

Usage of Sterling Silver:

As a matter of fact, with the addition of copper, zinc or any other metal makes sterling silver significantly more durable. Sterling silver is used to make a number of things as noted below.

  • Jewelry
  • Silverware
  • Plates
  • Platters
  • Coffee Sets

Sterling Silver Plated:

There is a lot of difference between sterling silver and sterling silver plated. In fact, sterling silver plated means that the base metal is some other metal than the silver and only the outer layer is made of sterling silver. While purchasing sterling silver plated Jewelry, you must bear in mind that the outside layer of silver plating shall wear off with the passage of time. Usually, people don’t opt for this with extra payment as they know the reality. Costume jewelry makers use this quite often so as to make their jewelry more attractive.

Benefits of Sterling Silver Over Pure Silver:

Indeed, there are a number of benefits that might push you to go for sterling silver items over pure silver. The major reason is obviously cost factor as fine silver being the pure silver has to be costlier as compared to sterling silver. As a matter of fact, you can easily find better affordable timeless pieces for a lesser price. Furthermore, sterling silver is more durable; hence, this can make your piece last for a longer time.


Like any other item, both sterling silver and pure silver has their pros and cons. As far as your decision is concerned in regard to the purchase of silver article, it entirely depends on the item you intend to purchase, your budget and your personal choice.
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Friday, December 21, 2018

How to pair gold jewelry with western outfits?

Were you also of the view that traditional jewelry like gold and silver jewelry goes well with ethnic outfits only? Well, my dear friends, wearing gold jewelry with sarees, lehengas or suits is so outdated. In the fashion scene, unexpected pairing is the new diktat. Today’s trend is to opt for a fusion look by pairing gold jewelry with western outfits. But to pull off such a look is not an easy task, one needs to be an ace in this fashion game. Below mentioned are few tips that will help you pull off these trends easily.

  1. Gold Necklaces: Women around the world have been pairing gold jewelry with traditional outfits since ages and no doubt it gives a classy look. Have you ever tried pairing gold necklaces or chokers with western outfits? No….!! What are you waiting for? Pair your little black dress with a gold necklace or choker and it will help you add bling and spark to your look. For an office party, you can pair a gold necklace with a crisp shirt and cropped trousers.
  2. Gold Earrings: No doubt earrings are the first love of all the girls in the world. With a gorgeous pair of earrings, even the simplest outfit can be perked up. Try pairing your gold jhumkas with a jumpsuit and trust me you will stand out in the family or social gathering without doing much. 
  3. Kundan and Polki jewelry: Usually, Kundan and Polki jewelry pieces are very chunky but they look stunning with traditional attires. As we all know fusion is the new tradition, so pair your chunky Kundan and Polki jewelry with evening gowns, skirts, jumpsuits or short dresses and you will look like a diva. 
  4. Maang Tikka: The Maang Tikka being collaborated with western design appears to be very bizarre, isn’t it? But it would be very surprising for you to know that Maang Tikka can be paired with western attires. Bollywood celebs are the one to take inspirations from as they just nailed their look by pairing the Maang Tikka with their western outfits. There is a wide range of designs available in the market from spherically shaped Borla to single-tier, multi-tier Borla or the Nawabi style Maang Tikka.  With a fusion of traditional jewelry and western outfits being in trend, you won’t have to wait for a wedding to wear Maang Tikkas. You can wear it to any social and family gathering and you will be garnering all the attention towards you. 

If you also desire to ace this fashion game then hurry up and order these amazing pieces of gold jewelry from DWS jewelry manufacturers who are best gold jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur. Apart from being the best gold jewelry manufacturers, they are 

  1. Gold jewelry wholesaler and exporter: They are not only famous gold jewelry manufacturers; they are famous wholesaler and exporter as well. The gold jewelry which is manufactured by them is one of its kinds. These designs are not easily available in the market and that is the reason they are best gold jewelry manufacturers not only in Jaipur but across the world. 
  2. One stop shop: At DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. one can shop jewelry from head to toe, and then be it Maang Tikka, earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings, pendant, cufflinks all are available in their showroom. 
  3. Vast collection: The major factor which attracts and compels people to shop from their site or showroom is the never-ending collection of jewelry. One can find a wide range in each and every type of jewelry items which are being manufactured by them. 
  4. Explicit and exquisite designs: The jewelry pieces which are manufactured by them are exquisite and explicit. Talented jewelry designing professionals are hired by them so that they can please their customers with rare and unique designs which compel them to shop again and again from them. 
  5. Best gold jewelry manufacturers: DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. is best gold jewelry manufacturers as the metals and the stones, be it semi-precious or precious stones, are of premium quality. If proper care is taken off the jewelry pieces which are brought from them can last for years without losing their shine. They never compromise with the quality of the raw material or stones which are being used in making jewelry pieces because they very well understand the worth of their customer’s money.
  6. Reasonable prices: The company is committed to providing its customers with premium quality products and that too at a very affordable price. It is very difficult to find jewelry pieces in the market at the price which is being offered by them.
  7. Trusted partners: DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted partner of designers and jewelers who look forward to offering their customers with exquisite designs. It is a privately owned company and was established in the year 2004 in Jaipur and since its incorporation, they have been serving their customers across the world.
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