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Are you looking for a traditional and customized wholesale jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India? It is none other than our Sedex SMETA Audited DWS Jewellery.

The Best Jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur
People always get excited and crazy about jewellery. Everyone likes to shop online nowadays. Starting from clothes, gadgets and now recently the trend has moved onto jewellery items. The glittering yellow gold which touches the body gently and makes you the most elegant and beautiful is one item that the women prefer the most.

The pink city has the renowned name of Jaipur, India. Pink strikes our mind with hospitality; hence, the king has made the town filled with pink colors to welcome the guests. Dws Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., a Sedex SMETA Audited jewellery manufacturing company in Jaipur is proud to say that we are a part of Jaipur's fame. Our Jewelry factory consists of a fine craftsman, who has engineered and molded every piece of diamond, gold, silver, and gemstone to a shimmering, slender, solid, and easy-to-maintain jewellery item. We create adorable, unique handcrafted jewels in the world to be a part of your life with you always giving a delicate touch to your beauty.

We are the leading jewellery manufacturers with eye-catching jewellery design which makes our designer jewellery more popular amongst the people. Changes are the only thing which is not stable in this world, and we humans have to adapt ourselves to the new changes in our life. Recent changes in technology, gadgets, and fashion have made every individual act as a trendsetter in society. So we at DWS Jewellery factory craft both traditional ornaments and fashion jewellery items as finely crafted customized jewellery. The originality and purity of the jewellery are maintained in all aspects to ensure your priority.

People are investing money in all aspects, which should be a part of our main objective for future use. Investment cannot be a staggered one, and it is even better if it is used in daily life. A small smile would be there always in your face as you have collected an easy custom ornament from us as a part of your investment.

Wearing breathable fabric would be the most important thing for you. We may also love to keep it simple and keep the number of garments we wear ideal and single. That particular jewelry should be an exceptional one. We, as the leading jewellery manufacturers of all types of jewellery items. It includes traditional handmade jewellery and fine-cut diamond jewellery handcrafted with silver and gold. All these designs stand as a fashionable and long-lasting assets in the jewellery markets.

An initial question to ask yourself is either excellent or fashionable. Or your mind can be set at the junction of both these ends which might be a versatile collection for you. Fashion or top-of-the-line jewellery is trendy, looking, and makes you feel unique. They are suitable for everyday use for people who love to set trends at a lower price. This fine-crafted Jewelry is made with precious metals and gemstones at a slightly higher rate than the latter one made with distinctive craftsmanship.

Let's dive into our vast collection of all types of jewels from custom to traditional. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is a leading custom jewellery manufacturer in the world. Some of its fine arts are as follows:

Diamond Jewellery

First, let us have a look at diamond Jewelry. Many factors affect the worth of buying a piece of diamond jewellery. Usually, we prefer a specific type of cut, color, clarity, and carat.

You may like the delicate cut of the diamond ring while your family members may like the other type of color, clarity, or carat. We have everything for you here in the shop in Jaipur and online. We, as the diamond jewellery manufacturers, have our customized Tourmaline Pave Diamond Rose Gold Plated Silver Chain Pendant Jewelry and various other jewellery items that are known for their customized uniqueness.

The tourmaline is a chakra for healing, and it's the base for all-natural balancing energy. The diamond is paved with its edges touching and hand wrapped with the durable silver chain plated with a bar of rose gold. Its beauty lies in the beautiful cut and its alternate version with a height in the 15 mm with a heart-shaped pendant and necklace would be a perfect match for your feminine pair.

Fashion Jewellery

We wholesale fashion jewellery manufacturers have a wide range of lustrous fashion jewellery at an affordable price. These jewellery items enhance the beauty of women who wears them and make them look unique. We handmade each and every piece of the jewel to be an exceptional asset for you. Nowadays, fashion jewels made of pearl with a golden yellow touch prove to be a good part of the day to day life. Our traditional handmade designer gold earrings with pearl would be of divine quality for your wedding planner and an earring made of Jhumka with pearls encased over the top portion of a carved elephant tusk made of textured yellow gold will be an eye-catching one in your ears.

Gemstones Jewellery

We are professional gemstone jewellery manufacturers capable of creating genuine gemstone products, including diamond jewellery. We provide you with handmade beautiful, refined jewels at such an affordable price since DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is a wholesale gemstone jewellery manufacturer. We also have traditional workers who are artisans in the jewellery market they provide a fully completed product without any defects. That too in the original gemstone state as such their inherent properties were not changed. Since gemstones are precious for their intrinsic natural properties like healing illness, peacemaking, and other astonishing possessions, they are widely used in ornaments.

There is a variety of gemstones we are using in this manufacturing which includes red onyx, turquoise, the yellow topaz, period, ruby, pearl, etc. Recently now we are making these gemstone ornaments with a combination of silver and gold. Our esteemed 18K yellow gold plated sterling silver faceted turquoise bezel-type teardrop earrings are made up of turquoise gemstone. This feminine pair would give you a fortunate and humble look that looks like a pure water drop from a divine ocean floating in the hands of a golden prince. There are many such ornaments just waiting to become your beauty enhancers.

Silver Jewellery:

Since we are maintaining the purity and finest quality of gold, we are the leading gold jewellery manufacturer throughout the nation, and the Sterling Silver Jewellery purity is also maintained at its ornamental level. The silver jewellery is also comparatively at the lowest price in the market as we are a wholesale silver jewellery manufacturing unit. We, humans, express our love and affection towards our loved ones in an affectionate way. So we intend to mesmerize them with valuable gifts, especially jewellery. Some most preferred jewellery items are gold jewellery with unique features with a top-notch and unforgettable gift which is an asset for them. You may think of whether jewels and ornaments are just to the female category and why not to the masculine?

Yes, it's not correct as we are here to provide you executive masculine look ornaments made in gold and silver with diamond and other gemstones. Hence the prince would also be a perfect match if it were in their hands for the princess near. Our blue thread macrame unisex fashion adjustable bracelet would be stunning on your hand.

As we have already mentioned, one of our most excellent quality of making jewels is custom jewelry. We are custom jewellery manufacturers as our models look different and striking from others, and we respect your grace towards the jewellery. Our goldsmiths are talented enough in observing your taste and making the finest jewellery that depicts your character and uniqueness.

Since we are the wholesale jewellery manufacturing unit for all parts of the world like the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, etc., we are capable enough in making private-label jewellery. We have at most many retailers around the nation, and we would be dedicated to your high-quality project towards the uniqueness of retailers.

Since we have a variety of hand-cast jewellery which could be long-lasting and fashionable, glittering with you of course in your esteemed presence. Our production includes bangles, bracelets, cuffs, wedding rings, gemstone rings, earrings, necklaces,s and pendants with careful mending of precious stones after testing under hard conditions. Our jewellery will provide you with a delicate touch for your beauty as it should be.

Then why wait? You can explore our products based on various categories or material-wise too on our online website.

There are over 34000 custom and traditional jewellery ornaments with a price tag within your pocket range waiting for an eye-catching one at our end.

You can order whatever you want and we are here to ship to every corner of the world wherever you are residing. We are available either online or can visit our shop in Jaipur to obtain the best design available in the world of fashion jewellery.

We are having a login facility for wholesale retailers too as you can add any number of contents to their cart. You can order either in bulk or individually and we are here to dispatch it to you safely to your end.

We are hoping to be a part of your family by spreading a smile and joy on your face with our delicate and durable jewellery.

Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturer In India

Finding a perfect jewelry shop can be quite difficult nowadays. When it comes to fashion jewelry, finding an ideal shop can be much more difficult, especially when it offers quality jewelry and designs. DWS is a famous jewelry company in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This shop focuses on providing the perfect fashion jewelry for people through online and offline mediums. The collections are excellent and designed by some of the best designers in the country. From simple jewelry to heavy queen models, the collections are chosen and prepared perfectly. The collections are available for people from various age groups, including children and Men.

Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturer in India

Bridal Jewelry Collections

Marriage is a one-day celebration, but brides consider it one of the most important days of their lives. If you are a bride looking for a perfect location to shop for your marriage, DWS is the best option. From the smallest of the rings to the highest quality choker necklace, the designs are lovely. They are available as plain gold designs and also as designs with gemstones. As a bride, your requirement can vary according to the need. So DWS offers unique customized jewelry designs for the brides and other customers with their jewelry factory. They are one of the leading wholesale jewelry manufacturers in the country. The designers are well equipped, and they will provide proper suggestions to make the site complete. You can have customized products from us with the highest quality. Our manufacturers are well equipped with the ability to create the best handmade designs for us.

Wear Like A Queen

The trend of wearing large jewels is becoming a fashion again. These queen necklaces like the choker and haram have gained more attention in recent times. The models are available in pure gold. But there are a particular set of people who are not interested in purchasing costly designs. So under such circumstances, the best option is to go for silver designs with gold plating on the top. This concept reduces the cost and allows you to enjoy the structure at the same time. Most of the bridal collections are also available in such creations. As a leading jewelry manufacturer, they have created intense designs with skilled workmanship. It's not just the necklaces, but the collection also includes beautiful large bangles and rings that match with the chains. These jewels can offer a Royal look when paired with the best lehengas and sarees. The collection also includes South Indian designs that are paired with red stones for a rich look.

Rock Your Office

Even though people usually have the requirement for heavy models, they cannot use them regularly. When it comes to regular wear like offices and small occasions, the right option will be simple and rich. The unique jewelry manufacturing unit of DWS Jewellery is continuously involved in creating such models regularly on the move. They might look a bit simple, but the designs are ethnic and carved entirely with the minute details' importance. Every single piece is made with perfection. The jewels are made rich looking with beautiful yet straightforward stones like ruby, emerald, moonstones, and other gemstones. From diamonds to crystals, you can enjoy a collection of a wide range of rocks that are embedded in earrings, rings, and other jewels. The wide pendant selection with matching earrings will provide a perfect look for the office, especially during presentations. You can purchase the jewels directly from the shop or through the websites.

Jewelry manufacturing company

Enjoy Your Party

The best way to enjoy a party is with fair jewels and outfits. The perfect way to match your outfit is with your perfect accessories. You can find ethnic designs in statement jewelry. You can wear statement jewelry with both traditional and modern costumes. The simple designs might look simple, but they make your outfit complete. A regular bracelet or an earring will be more than enough for a part to enjoy them with the right look. The jewelry manufacturing factory is specifically designed to create such unique statement jewels that you cannot commonly find in the market. News is a Paradise for women who loves their jewels. The jewels are available for a low cost, and hence you can buy any in the place of one gold necklace. The option of purchasing a customized design is an added advantage for people who are not satisfied with the designs.

Design For Men

This wide range of collections is not just for women. DWS has extended the collection for men with some designs like bracelets, rings, chains, and pendants. Men can choose from a wide range of funky designs, especially if you are a youngster. The shop offers the best choice for men looking for a mature design like the regular gold chains and gemstone embedded rings. The rings can enhance power since the gem used in them are of original quality as a handmade jewelry manufacturer, DWS, is involved in creating specific designs for men. We offer the perfect jewels that are not just for men but also for young boys, including children. Men can also choose from a wide range of metals, including brass and copper. These metals are popular with youngsters these days because of their properties and stylish look.

The collections are unique and suitable for people of all ages. DWS is the one-stop solution for all your jewelry requirements. Being one of the most famous shops in the country, they have a separate manufacturing unit to create good customer designs. You can directly visit the shop in Jaipur. If you are not near the best option, go for the online website or mobile application and choose the designs through online ordering. DWS will deliver the products on time for people all over the world. They also accept repairmen of jewelry in case of any damages in the future. Submitting the jewelry from the shop where you purchased it will be the right choice as they are much safer. The final output of the repaired products will be unique, with no hint of damage.


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