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Let’s Find Out Why Style Conscious Women Prefer Sterling Silver Jewelry Over Gold Jewelry?

Gone are the days when the word for jewelry boiled down to only mental called gold. Now, everyone is ready to explore something beyond this metal. This does not, however, make gold less popular by any chance. But the popularity of ornaments made out of other metals is catching the trend. And one such metal which is on the rise is 925 sterling jewelry . Yes, this is the metal that is neither expensive nor cheap yet can withstand daily wear and tear smoothly. For those who do have little to no knowledge of 925 sterling here is a brief that might be helpful for you. Pure silver contains 99.9 percent silver and a very tiny percentage of copper, whereas 925 silver is composed of 92.5 percent silver and the rest copper. And that is why this type of metal is popularly called 925 silver or 925 sterling silver. Being very soft in nature pure silver intricate design cannot be crafted on it. That is why it needs to be alloyed with other metals such as copper. This adds hardness to it whi

Things You Should Know Before Embark On Fashion Jewelry Business

Things you should know before embarking on the fashion jewelry business - There is that one thing that has not changed since time immemorial – people’s taste for jewelry. The realm of ornament is mostly dominated by style-conscious women if that is what you think then you need to give it a second thought. As in today’s world, men are not far behind women when it comes to fashion jewelry. Even in ancient times, pieces of jewelry are worn proudly by both men and women in every walk of life. From a bracelet to earrings, everything has that uniqueness that gives a person the best of his or her look. These days, there are wide genres of bling available to choose from. Made out of different metals and stones, most of the high quality or manufactured in the well-known jewelry factory . Therefore, most fashion-minded people depend greatly on well-esteemed jewelry shops when it comes to ornament buying. The market is flooded with jewelry manufacture, however, there are a few that understand