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Amazing Types of Silver Jewelry

Usually, a normal man is not aware of the types of silver jewelry. He just doesn’t bother too much and holds the opinion that there is only one type of silver jewelry. But actually, there are amazing types of silver jewelry. People think that 925 sterling silver jewelry and regular silver jewelry are exactly the same things. Of course, these two terms are used interchangeably quite often, but indeed, they have basic specific differences. Silver jewelry and 925 sterling silver jewelry are, indeed, two distinct materials having totally different make-ups, care techniques, life spans, and even different prices. Although, both are available in leading wholesale silver jewelry shops as well as wholesale jewelry stores. Now the question arises pertaining to their actual differences. The common queries that occupy anybody’s thought process areas are noted below. What are the exact differences between different types of silver jewelry? Which one is better? Which silver should be prefe

How To Pair Gold Jewelry With Western Outfits?

Were you also of the view that traditional jewelry like gold and silver jewelry goes well with ethnic outfits only? Well, my dear friends, wearing gold jewelry with sarees, lehengas or suits is so outdated. In the fashion scene, unexpected pairing is the new diktat. Today’s trend is to opt for a fusion look by pairing gold jewelry with western outfits. But to pull off such a look is not an easy task, one needs to be an ace in this fashion game. Below mentioned are few tips that will help you pull off these trends easily. Gold Necklaces: Women around the world have been pairing gold jewelry with traditional outfits for ages and no doubt it gives a classy look. Have you ever tried pairing gold necklaces or chokers with western outfits? No….!! What are you waiting for? Pair your little black dress with a gold necklace or choker and it will help you add bling and spark to your look. For an office party, you can pair a gold necklace with a crisp shirt and cropped trousers. Gold Earr

Heavy Weighted Rajasthani Silver Jewellery

Heavy weighted silver jewellery is commonly available in Rajasthan. There is much silver jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur selling marvelous and traditional silver jewellery pieces. Silver jewellery is also called tribal jewellery, due to the fact that it is used by tribal refugees known as Banjara. This tribal jewellery is popular among Rajasthani women. It has huge demand in the market, and tourists come from all over the world, interested to purchase this beautiful silver jewellery. Jewellery manufacturers in Jaipur produce different types and designs of silver jewellery such as Upper armlets, neck rings, and mandliya string neckbands, etc. The most prevalent type of silver ornaments is Hansuli –neck ring, Gajre- toe ring, Kamarband –waist chain, Nath –nose ring. Tokariya is an antique tribal silver hoop are famous among the tribal individual in Rajasthan. These antique pieces are easily available from any silver manufacture in Jaipur. Rajasthan is renowned for silver ornamen

Distinct Style And Design In Silver Jewellery

Rajasthan is popular for its unique culture, marvelous artistic work, and mouth-melting aromas in food. Rajasthan is the state of King and Queen who rules for many decades. You can experience the royal color in the city. The artistic work of the royal artisans is spell bounding. In Rajasthani jewellery, you get the perfect blend of authentic traditional designs which has the ability to attract every woman. The city has many silver jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur where you can even purchase jewellery. There is a wide range of traditional designs and patterns are used in the making of silver adornment. Kundan Jewellery Kundan jewellery is popular for its mystifying designs among women. The silver jewellery manufacturing in Jaipur is skillful in making  Kundan jewellery . Kundan design needs very comprehensive work and time. Firstly, stones were determined to be refined silver. Stones are resolute to a silver sheet and later silver foils are embrace in the holes around the stones. L

Styling Your Favorite Jewelry

The current trend in the jewelry industry is silver jewelry. Women all over the country prefer silver jewelry because of the subtle color and the trendy look. You can create many fashionable avatars using the silver jewelry collection that you have at your home, or you can buy some of the latest designs and add them to your collection. You should have the formal as well as the junk jewelry so that they can complete your look anywhere and everywhere you go. In this article, we would list some top trends that you can carry off easily with the latest silver jewelry collection. Styling In The Bohemian Way Street fashion or the Indo-western Bohemian style is currently trending these days. There is no attire with which you cannot pair the silver jewelry. Starting from ripped jeans with tank tops and big jhumkas, you would rock the Bohemian style. If you are going out shopping, then you can wear loose spaghetti dresses along with block heels and a silver junk necklace and you would b

Silver Jewellery That You Would Love To Wear

Silver jewellery is one of the highest demanded jewellery in the world because of its subtle color and the trend that it can go with anything and everything. Whether you love wearing western, indo-western, or Indian, silver jewellery would go with all types of attire, and with the advent of the junk style in silver jewelry; people are getting more attracted towards this white metal. Starting from necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to anklets you would be amazed to see the different types of designs that could be found in silver. Along with being attractive and having a neutral color that is fit for the current generation’s taste, silver jewellery is much cheaper compared to other metals like gold and hence, its demand is always widespread. One of the leading silver jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur has confirmed that the demand for silver jewellery has increased highly in the last few years and women between the age 20 to 35 are more interested in buying silver, as they are durable, c

Must Have Silver Jewelry Or Accessories

Never ask any woman about the quantity of jewelry or accessories she owes, you may get a heart attack!! Such is the love for jewelry and accessories. Jewelry isn’t simply a beautiful piece to flaunt however a stunning way to adore yourself. Keeping your signature vogue intact, jewelry is often the most effective way to groom your natural look in seconds. Jewelry is one such thing that is always there to satisfy the attractiveness of ethnic and western attires and help to accent your outfits perfectly. One may find various types and kinds of jewelry and accessories in the market but to have them all is not possible. So, here is the most sorted guide for every girl out there to enlightens them about the must-have silver jewelry accessories . Every girl wishes to look sharp-pointed in her various look be it formal, casual, or any social gathering; silver jewelry is all that she requires. Here is a list of some must-have silver accessories which each girl must stack in their closet. A