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Jewelry Manufacturing Companies In India

In the past, Indian women preferred to acquire jewelry items, be it a personal milestone, or a buyer for a wedding, from their respective local jewelers. Recent changes in consumption habits have shown, however, a gradual shift to jewelry shopping at national gems and jewelry shops that are flourishing throughout the Tier I, II, and III cities. Indeed, India is the world's second-largest consumer of gold and one of the world's leading exporters of gems. Precious jewelry and metal is a huge market in India and there is no shortage of top brands to supply the demand. While the local jewelry stores are abundant and flourishing, several national brands have been built around Indian gemstone and gemstone aesthetics, known for their exquisite, flawless, and beautiful jewelry. Whether it's everyday wear, traditional, antique, nursery, or beautiful jewelry, Indian gem houses always offer a run for their money to their foreign partners. We've created a list of the top

Fashion Jewelry Facts And Care Tips

Care For Your Jewelry? You Must Know These Facts. Each jewelry pieces tell a story without saying. It tells about the personality, style, preferences, and a unique taste of beauty of course. A personal adornment enhances the true beauty of the wearer. Over the period fashion jewelry become popular among fashion lovers instead of real jewelry. The wholesale fashion jewelry business is now one of the blooming sectors for the same. One of the prime reasons for the much acceptance of fashion jewelry is that one can wear this for daily purposes. Fashion Jewelry is also known as costume jewelry. Such pieces are generally made with base metals like copper, brass, aluminum, and rhinestones. Jewelry pieces may be entirely be made out of textile, leather, and base metal alloys. Plastic stones, Swarovski crystal, Cubic crystal from Zirconium includes in Rhinestones. A material making of fashion jewelry makes them crack and tarnish pron. But if you are a fashion admirer, then we have