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7 Gemstones For Healing Your Chakras

Chakra jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur bring you the actual use of the semiprecious and precious stone that you never knew about evidently these crystals can heal the inner you and bring you into a new light altogether. The Root Chakra The root chakra is located on the base of the spine where your pelvis touches the floor. It is responsible for the feelings of safety and security. When this chakra opens up you will let go of the fears and would worry less. When it's not opened/blocked it can cause anxiety, colon problems, nightmares, pain in the lower back. Crystals that help with the healing of this chakra include Black Onyx, Smokey Quartz, and Hematite. Sacral Chakra The sacral chakra is the source of your sexual energy as well as your creative energy. It’s located right above the pubic bone. If this chakra is not opened/blocked, you will have problems with your body energy like feeling tired or without your sexual vitality. You may feel dissatisfaction if it is overly inv