Amazing Types of Silver Jewelry

Usually, a normal man is not aware of the types of silver jewelry. He just doesn’t bother too much and holds the opinion that there is only one type of silver jewelry. But actually, there are amazing types of silver jewelry. People think that 925 sterling silver jewelry and regular silver jewelry is exactly the same thing. Of course, these two terms are used interchangeably quite often, but indeed, they have the basic specific differences. Silver jewelry and 925 sterling silver jewelry are, indeed, two distinct materials having totally different make-ups, care techniques, life spans and even different prices. Although, both are available in leading wholesale silver jewelry shop as well as wholesale jewelry store.
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Now the question arises pertaining to their actual differences. The common queries that occupy anybody’s thought process areas noted below.

  • What are the exact differences between different types of silver jewelry?
  • Which one is better?
  • Which silver should be preferred to make silver jewelry?

We are here to answer your all such queries pertaining to different types of silver jewelry. This blog is going to help you in understanding the difference, usage of various types of silver for different purposes. Of course, once you have the correct knowledge, this will certainly help you in buying better quality of silver jewelry either from wholesale jewelry shop or wholesale jewelry stores or online.

Silver Jewelry and 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry - The Difference:

Usually for a common man, it’s not so easy to decide the status of the silver just at a quick glance. Hereby, we should try to learn the difference between the two.

Pure Silver:

The item that is narrated as pure silver is also known as fine silver. In fact, the pure silver is made of 99.9% pure element of silver. Although, it might contain very few trace elements, say just 0.01% but it’s essentially pure elemental silver.

Usage of Pure Silver:

Pure silver is not commonly used in making jewelry as the pure silver is too malleable. If we talk about jewelry, pure silver is less often used than other precious metals, such as sterling silver or silver 925 for a diversity of reasons. The main reason is that pure silver is too malleable and quite soft in nature. Hence, it’s not viable to mold the jewelry properly in specific shapes. Due to its softness, fine silver items are not as durable. Pure silver items can easily be bent or damaged. Due to all these reasons, pure silver is not used to make fine and delicate jewelry articles.

Because of the softness the pure silver carries, silver is usually mixed up with different metals so as to toughen it up. Once this is done, the silver does not remain pure anymore.

How to Judge If It's Pure:

When we talk about pure silver, it is stamped with a marker indicating that it’s fine silver. The stamp carries the mark of 999 or 99.9 or otherwise means that it is 99.9% silver, hence, it must be considered as fine silver.

Furthermore, in case of pure silver, it doesn’t tarnish when it is exposed to air or moisturizes due to its purity and high-quality item whereas other metals mat get tarnished. Hence, it’s a little bit more expensive than sterling silver.

Silver Silver:

Sterling silver is the creation of mixture of copper or zinc to pure silver so as to add to its durability. Sterling silver has to be necessarily a mixture of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metal. It’s a very important factor to bear in mind while purchasing silver or sterling silver jewelry. Any article e carrying less than this percentage will not be considered as sterling silver as per the US Standards. As is said, although these standards were established in 1300s but these were popularized in the 1990s by Tiffany & Co. But these are not worldwide standards. Each country has set its own standards. Hence, it becomes essential to check the markings on the piece itself, especially if buying overseas.
The major feature of sterling silver is that it is more cost effective. At the same time, it is pretty easy to repair or replace when compared to pure silver.

Usage of Sterling Silver:

As a matter of fact, with the addition of copper, zinc or any other metal makes sterling silver significantly more durable. Sterling silver is used to make a number of things as noted below.

  • Jewelry
  • Silverware
  • Plates
  • Platters
  • Coffee Sets

Sterling Silver Plated:

There is a lot of difference between sterling silver and sterling silver plated. In fact, sterling silver plated means that the base metal is some other metal than the silver and only the outer layer is made of sterling silver. While purchasing sterling silver plated Jewelry, you must bear in mind that the outside layer of silver plating shall wear off with the passage of time. Usually, people don’t opt for this with extra payment as they know the reality. Costume jewelry makers use this quite often so as to make their jewelry more attractive.

Benefits of Sterling Silver Over Pure Silver:

Indeed, there are a number of benefits that might push you to go for sterling silver items over pure silver. The major reason is obviously cost factor as fine silver being the pure silver has to be costlier as compared to sterling silver. As a matter of fact, you can easily find better affordable timeless pieces for a lesser price. Furthermore, sterling silver is more durable; hence, this can make your piece last for a longer time.


Like any other item, both sterling silver and pure silver has their pros and cons. As far as your decision is concerned in regard to the purchase of silver article, it entirely depends on the item you intend to purchase, your budget and your personal choice.


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