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Even though the various developments have been made in the jewelry designs with various modern fusion techniques, the love for traditional designs will always remain the same. Fashion is a circle and as a result, the old traditions are bound to reappear with a hint of a modern mix in them. Jewelry is also a victim of these statements and the antique jewelry these days have been gaining more attention and customers. With the increasing amount of jewelers, the competition has grown heavy and as a result, various designs have been produced in the field of jewelry. But among these thousands of various jewelers, only a few have gained a name and fame among the people.
18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Traditional Jhumka Earrings with Pearl Bead
DWS Jewellery is one such jewelry which with its unique design and a wide range of collections have attracted many customers. We have our own team of professional designers along with our own manufacturing units to satisfy the jewelry needs of our customers.

Though modern jewelry with their unique look and fashion have attracted the concentration of several people, people still love their traditions and always tent to go back to their old ways that have been embedded in their genes. Making a piece of traditional jewelry requires extensive skills and workmanship since the richness of the jewellery lies in the details of the jewels. DWS jewellery excels in the production of Indian traditional jewelry and they have a talented team to support them in the production.

Temple sets

The temple set jewels are nothing but necklaces, bangles and pendants that are designed with the images of God and other sculptures, like images found in the architecture of old-aged temples. This temple jewelry provides a rich and elegant look and they go well with both sarees and modern dresses based on the design. They can be made in a completely traditional way, which is suitable for sarees and they can also be made with a bit of modern mix in it, to make it suitable for salwar and lehangas. The bangles also have the same designs as the necklaces and they are mostly available as a set. A single bangle in each hand is more than enough to provide a grand look. They can be matched with earrings that also have an antique finish with jhumkis.

DWS Jewellery have a wide range of collections of temple jewelry and the customers can even if and match their jewelry sets. Also, if the colour of the matched set varies, we can re-coat it for you with the perfect colour of your choice in our very own workshop. The earrings and rings can also be picked and matched this way. They making charges for this intense craftsmanship are extremely low compared to other jewelers.

Shop online from your home

Shopping online is an easy process and it's best suited for people who are busy and unable to shop due to their hectic schedule. Also, for people living far away from our store can use the online facilities available with us to select a product and order them online. The customers can visit our website and view a variety of designs that have been displayed in the form of images. Along with the images, a detailed description is also given to provide a perfect virtual image in the minds of the customers. Also, the real jewelry will look exactly the same as the one in the images. Thus DWS jewellery have made online jewelry shopping an easier option. So visit the DWS Jewellery website to shop Indian jewelry online. Being one of the leading traditional jewelry manufacturers we can also provide our customers with the required unique design. One of the common disadvantages in the temple and other antique pieces of jewelry is that they involve a lot of wastage and making charges based on the design of the jewels. But since we own our own manufacturing unit, we make sure to provide our customers with the lowest making and wastage charges possible.

Traditional brass jewelry

Before the gold, the people mostly used brass made jewels with gold plating. Even today's gold is a mixture of brass and gold. Brass gives flexibility to gold jewelry. The trend of wearing gold plated brass jewelry is back and DWS Jewellery is keeping up with the modern trends by producing brass jewelry with perfect workmanship and the plating is done perfectly that it would be difficult for the ordinary eyes to differentiate between normal and gold plated jewelry.

Similar to brass jewelry we also have a range of gold plated sterling silver jewels that are mostly with modern designs. This brass and sterling silver jewelry are available for both simple and rich looking bangles, rings, and earrings. They also have gold plated necklaces and chains.

We also have a varied amount of sterling silver based antique pieces with the gems embedded in them. These traditional Rajasthan designs are famous all over the world and these jewels can go well with modern and traditional dresses. These collections are also available online and the customers can order them online or directly visit us for much detailed experience. We also have our very own workshop and we provide repair services for the customers that include, repairing broken chains, re-polishing the silver and other coated jewels, polishing the gold to create an antique feel, resizing the rings, etc.. We also have a wide range of diamond collections and uniquely designed engagement rings to gift others. The clients can also make their own unique ring designs and we will provide it for the clients.

Recently there have been several reporting of people saying that most of the jewels have brass hidden inside the gold jewels to increase the weight of the gold and get more money from the people. We at DWS Jewellery provide a perfect warranty for the purity of our jewelry and we believe in customer satisfaction and service. So people should make sure to buy the jewels from a reputed jewelry to prevent loss of money through duplicate gold, stones and diamonds.


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