Wholesale handmade gemstone jewelry store in Jaipur

Gemstones are the most important part of our customs. It also has a crucial role in our history. There are different stones which possess different meaning and colour. They hold their own power and significance in one’s life. There are a variety of gemstones mentioned in history while same gem stone are brought to us by an archaeologist. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, the biggest handmade gemstone jewelry supplier in India provides you the best and authentic gemstone in India.

Wholesale handmade gemstone jewelry store in Jaipur

King Akbar had nine gemstones in his court but there are some gemstones which are available for us.Let’s have a look on the different types of gemstones available in the market.

1. Alexandrite (June Birth Gemstone): In the year 1930, Alexandrite was discovered in Iraq Mountain. Due to its tendency of changing color depending on the time in which it is seen, it is known as magical gemstone. During the daytime its color is blue with a mossy green effect. In the light of lamp at night it looks purple with a touch of raspberry colour. It is available in East Africa, Shri Lanka and Brazil as well.

Importance: It strengthens inkling and creative power.

2. Amethyst (Gem Stone of February): A gem which enhances your personality and your look. This lovely colored gemstone can be accessed commonly and can be acquired in several forms. The gem's beautiful color makes it so appealing that it suits with both silver and gold. If you have February stone in your wardrobe it would be incredible.

Importance: The Greek and Roman society believed that it reduces power and helps the person who has put on this to think for better possible manner.

3. Aquamarine (March Stone of birth): The name itself holds the colour property of the gemstone. Aquamarine gemstone is of marine blue colour. This stone is beneficial for those who took birth in March. It is a perfect gift for newly married couple because it makes the relationship smoother between two.

Importance: This beautiful gem represents health, wealth, loyalty and hope. The colour of the gem symbolizes immortality and after life. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, the biggest gemstone suppliers in India, having gemstone store in Jaipur can provide you this gemstone easily.

4. Citrine Gem Stone: It is available in multiple appealing colour ranging from lemon yellow to orange brown stone. It is readily accessible at reasonable cost. The brightness of the stone gives us a glance of sun. Thus, it is believed that it is a gift of sun. When combined with gold jewellery it gives you a dashing look.

Importance: It is believed that citrine gemstone protects against the venom of snakes and evil. It also symbolizes prosperousness and success.

5. Diamond (April Birthstone): This can be studded in gold, silver or platinum and is equally appealing to men and women. These are the hardest gemstones among all gemstones. These gemstones are formed when the wind hits the rocks and transform tough in the earth’s depths. These are formed in many colours and sizes.

Importance:  It is the most appreciable gift for couples, as it symbolizes immortal love and longing.

6. Emerald (May Birth Stone): The Emerald gemstone is also known as may birth stone which is rare to find. This dark green colour gemstone has a bluish hue. These gemstones are always associated with an inkling meaning. As It implies immortal youth, ancient mummies are also thought to have been produced alongside their throat with an emerald.

Importance: Venus’s spring and stone are the Emerald. This is a symbol of affection, fertility and reproduction.

Here we got to know about different types of gemstones and their significance. In order to get these gems, you can approach DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, the stone jewelry wholesale supplier based in Jaipur.


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