Wholesale Diamond Jewelry Stores in Jaipur

A city blending history, tradition, and culture – yes, Jaipur, Pink city of India, accounts for maximum visitors from in and across India. The mesmerizing sightseeing experience can drove the adrenaline rush, but the city can leave a lasting impression due to its harbor of jewelries.

Diamond jewelry stores in Jaipur

Surprisingly, apart from tourism, most of the visitors chose the city to fill the bags with a variety of jewelries. So, finding the one jewelry that assures you quality seems a bit tough while diving into the ocean of jewelries and traders. Well, here we guide you one of the finest Diamond jewelry stores in Jaipur.

Basically, buying a diamond is not one of the toughest jobs, but finding one store that could offer you original and cost convenient diamond can be tough. Well, in Jaipur there are a number of stores and vendors who sell diamond but buying them can be a tough call as there is surety of authenticity, and hence we recommend you to buy it from the below list of reputed traders who have been into business for quite a long time. 
  • DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.
    14, 000 variety of patterns of jewelries, a team dedicated to delivering your needs, and amazing service of letting the buyer design the pattern with the help of the team at DWS have had made it popular among the jewelry buyers. Located in Jaipur, the shop has attracted an increasing number of buyers due to its quality selling, so far. 
  • JKJ Jewelers
    The JKJ Jewelers have had went leaps and bounds with its unique and amazing collection of diamonds. It is popularly known for its export of jewelries to the world market, and it is quite reputed in terms of maintaining transparency while trading its popular and unique collection of diamonds. 
  • Sangeeta Boochra
    The Sangeet Boochra Jewelers have had received the award of Silver King of India. One must note that they have had been popular in the market of Jaipur as many of the most renowned actors have had visited their outlet. 
  • Gold N Stone
    Gold N Stone Inc can be termed as a venture which is being run by various business partners. These business partners have had their background of being a vendor of jewelries. However, this venture is catching pace with its assurance of quality. However, as the business partners come from a family that has dealt with jewelries for over the years, they bring about a variety of Diamond patterns and its forms to the buyer.

Well, sometimes, buying a diamond is a risky game and the buyers need to cross-check the stores that they may deal with. Also, cross-checking the diamond may do no harm given the investment one does. We recommend you to buy the diamond after thorough verification. The above-given stores are few of the quite unique and renowned stores involved in trading the diamond. Also, the above listed Diamond Jewelry stores in Jaipur are well known by the buyers and hence buying from them minimizes the risk of fraudulent activities.


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