Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturer In Sitapura Industrial Area Jaipur

Jewelry Manufacturer Factory

Most people nowadays prefer wearing unique types of Jewellery items. Most of the designs are available in the market are machine-made. The collection of handmade designs is reducing day by day. If you are a bride searching for a perfect shop that offers customized handmade designs, then DWS is the right choice. Located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, DWS is a leading jewelry manufacturer in the country. They have a unique range of collections that are displayed in the showroom. The collections are available for both men and women. The brides can easily visit the shop and place their orders according to their requirements.

The shop is not exclusive to gold, but they are also well known for manufacturing products made up of Silver, copper, and brass in their jewelry manufacturing unit. DWS manufactured every single piece carefully and delivered it to increase the happiness of their customers. The showroom's main aim is to make sure that every customer leaves with a selected product and a filled heart. The only way it can be done is by offering various new designs and customized orders. This condition will make sure that the customer visiting the shop will either choose or order their requirement.

Unique Factory

The shop has a separate jewelry manufacturing area with a team of technicians with increased expertise. The factory is filled with state of unique art machines. DWS uses the latest modern techniques to create perfect designs through machine manufacturing or handmade manufacturing techniques. The brides can now easily place customized orders from their sides. Clients can place these customized orders for both machine-made and handmade Jewellery items. As a wholesale jewelry manufacturer, DWS has enough manpower to create a complete bridal set within a short period. 

Every single part of the jewelry, including the necklaces, earrings, bangles, hip chains, and other bridal jewelers, is made in gold. If the bride wishes to purchase the designs for a low cost, they can also show silver-made designs with gemstones embedded in them. The craftsmen coat the Silver with 22-carat gold for providing a gold-like feeling at a low price. All these procedures are completed within the factory right from scratch. Depending upon the design, the designer will finalize whether the particular jewelry needs a machine or a handmade technique. The jewelry factory checks the final product before displaying it in the jewelry company showroom.

Hand-Made Jewelry

DWS is a well-known and leading handmade jewelry manufacturer in the country. From traditional to modern designs, every single jewel item is uniquely unsuitable for both marriage and reception occasions. If you are a bride located away from Rajasthan, you can always place the orders through the online website. If you intend to create a new design, you can work along with our friendly designer to recreate models that will be suitable for your requirement. The factory also offers a vast collection of statement and brass jewelry. The gemstone collections are unique, and the factory properly tests them before being placed on the design. DWS shop has a unique mobile application and website that will allow regular people to order jewel items online regardless of their price and value.


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