Red jade bangles are most important jewelry for women

The bangles are the most important jewelry item preferred by most women, especially for traditional attires and looks. If you are a bangle lover then you will understand their requirement for different designs and gemstones on them. There are a variety of designs available in the market and among them, one of the most famous models is the gemstone embedded bangles which are mostly preferred because of their shining appearance and rich look. Bangles are worn by every woman and hence even if you are trying to gift a person you can essentially give them some bangles as a gift as it is the most precious thing you can gift a person. When it comes to gemstones there are very few stones that have gained huge popularity among women. One such stone is the red Jade stone which is popularly known for its bright color and its ability to push your spirit forward through a healthy healing technique.

Red jade stone

This particular stone is preferred by most people and it is also a birthstone in certain cultures. This particular stone is available in most of the shops but when the concept comes to the original quality there are very few shops that sell the original stone with an authentic certificate. DWS Jewellery located in Jaipur, Rajasthan is one such shop that is known for high-quality gemstones as they are one of the red Jade jewelry wholesale exporters in the country. The shop has a variety of jewels made up of metals like gold, silver, brass, and copper. It's not just the matters but there are a variety is also shown in their gemstones especially the red Jade stone embedded bangles that are popular all over the country. When it comes to the bangles that are not a single design but they are available in multiple designs and models.

Large gemstone embedded bangles

If you are a person who prefers to wear the bangles for marriages and other functions then these red jade embedded are more beautiful. The stones are larger in size and hence they provide a bright appearance for your hand. These stones are mostly square-cut according to the requirement and they are available in multiple models. For example, we have a simple design where the stone is embedded within the slots covered by gold. And other designs where the entire bangle is designed with images and Idols with the stones embedded here and there. Both these designs are largely preferred while some of them are modern in design on the others or more of an antique flavor. Suit pending upon your requirement you can choose any design that can be suitable for your requirement from our shop located in the Rajasthan. We also have a customized jewelry factory that is well known for manufacturing designs separately for a single customer.

Simple plain bangles

If you are a lover of pure gemstones then this particular bangle design will be suitable. Here the entire stone is taken and it is converted into a bangle without any amounts of gold or metal. The stone bangle is more famous among modern girls who prefer having a different outlook for their outfit. They can be matched with any type of costume regardless of their color and structure. This particular design is available in abundance and you can also carve your name on it if you wish. Sometimes people also wish to have certain uniqueness within the bangles like a bit of metal in between these complete stone bangles which can also be arranged in our unique jewelry shop. Being one of the wholesale jewelry manufacturer in the country we have our own set of factories and craftsmen who are experts in creating unique Jewellery items through handcrafting techniques and machine-making techniques. So if you are interested you can order the piece from us through an online or offline medium according to your wish. This particular design is more suitable for women going to colleges and other youngsters who you want to look more modern in appearance.

Thin model designs

These thin models are more suitable to be worn along with other bangles for proving a perfect output. These designs can be worn along with similar designs together to form one big design. For example, here you can choose a design where small stones can be used in a single line as a whole for a perfect finish. They are available in single to multiple rows with small stones. These single row designs can be worn only as a combination as they are thin and simple. But they are more suitable for multiple bangle fashion designs. These thins bangles can be taken as 4 or 8 bangles together for a perfect finish. They are more suitable for modern outlooks.

Antique designs

When it comes to antic pieces there are very few things that you need to remember. One of the most important things is that antic jewelry or more of designs and gold rather than gemstones. But despite the designs that are also certain gemstones placed in the middle for providing a perfect appearance. We also have designs made up of silver and gold with Jade gemstones embedded in the middle. All these designs are preferred by people all over the world because of the uniqueness and our ability to match antic designs with the modern outlook. You can purchase the designs from the online website which consists of most of our collections. If you want customized designs you can also send the design through the mail and have a chat with our designers before making a final order. Finally, you can enjoy the product which will be delivered to you within a few weeks of time with proper packaging and protection.

Simple modern designs

Most of the modern girls nowadays prefer to have a simple modern design in their Jewellery items. So instead of using larger stones, these modern pieces have small cuts that are embedded together to create a unique appearance. Sometimes they are also combined with large Stones in the middle and other stone black Sapphire for providing a different Outlook. Usually, these bangles can be worn along with a normal skirt and top to provide a rich look for a simple dress. It can also be worn along with the salwar costumes and other types of sarees.

All these unique style designs are preferred by people all over the world and hence we offer online portals for or online purchases. If you are not interested in online purchases you can visit our shop located in Jaipur Rajasthan. We also have a separate factory combined with craftsmen and designers who are experts in creating unique customized designs according to your wish. So if you are looking forward to purchasing or gift a bangle to your loved ones you can order from us either through an online or offline medium. The delivery will be perfect and the package will be well protected to prevent the stuff from getting damaged. You can also submit your damage is very to our factory for repair.


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