Red jade bridal jewelry in Jaipur

Red jade bridal jewelry in Jaipur - Red is an auspicious color in our country and hence most of the brides use the color red as a choice for their bridal wears. It’s not just here but the entire country of India feels red is an auspicious color and hence most of the bridal saris are available only in red color. One of the main concerns faced by most of the bride is having a suitable set of jewelry that can match well along with bridal saris. It’s not just the design but everything on that day should be perfect for establishing happiness. The bridal jewelry is an important part of the occasion and they should be perfect with cute designs that will suit the bride. When it comes to bridal jewelry red is an important color and there are very few gemstones that are available in this particular color. One such gemstone is the red jade stone that is well known among the users and has gained huge popularity not just because of the color but also for their healing properties. This particular stone is very well known for increasing the divine power within the body and act as a life force that allows us to move forward in life. And wearing such a powerful stone on your wedding day will enhance your blessings and make you strong for the upcoming life that you are going to have in the future.

Red jade jewelry

When it comes to bridal jewelry most people prefer wearing fashion jewelry than the normal gold jewelry because they are cheap and can be reused again and again without worrying about the damage that would be inflicted upon them. There are very few shops available in the market that has the ability to sell such jewelry items that are suitable for the brides. If you are a bride then the best place for you to go is the DWS Jewellery store in Jaipur, Rajasthan. That is well known for being a wholesale jewelry manufacturer and gemstone exporter in the country. We have a variety of collections and designs that are suitable for the brides on their special location and let us now see about the collections for a better understanding.


The necklaces and Haram are an important part of a bridal collection. Without a beautiful necklace, it is impossible for you to have a wonderful wedding. We have a variety of designs in the area of necklaces including short and long designs so that you can wear them according to your requirement. Sometimes it is a better option to go with both the short and long pieces so that your neck will be filled and makes you look more beautiful. If you are a person who looks for simplicity then the best option is to go for the single-chain model necklace where multiple chains are connected together to form a single chain-like structure using a centerpiece. Here the chains can be made up of gold with the stones embedded in them or they can also be used as separate around stone pieces and connected together through a thread. The red jade is a rare gemstone and hence they are only available in certain stores. Being one of the red Jade jewelry wholesale manufacturers in the country we have a variety of designs available in our shop. You can also order customized jewelry to suit your bridal collections which will be specially made for you in our jewelry factory. Even if there is any damage in the future you can submit them to us for repair.


When it comes to bridal jewelry the next important feature is the bangles because without bangles the look won't be complete and they also need to be Grand enough to make your hand look beautiful. The bangles should be perfect and go well along with the necklace and other designs that you are wearing the same day. Red Jade is a beautiful stone for the bangles and choosing an antic jewelry design with the stones embedded in them will be the best option for bridal jewelry. They can be combined with other types of simple stone embedded designs that are made up of minute stones. This will add to the beautiful appearance. We have a wide collection of bangles in our shop and we also accept customized orders. They are available in silver, bronze and a variety of other metals coated with gold. Show the price of these products will be cheaper and suitable for bridal purchase since you cannot spend more money on a thing that you are going to use for a single day.


The earrings accentuate your entire look and have the ability to change the facial structure. So if you are purchasing an earring as a bride the better option would be the chandelier design and other jhumkas that make your face look beautiful and also highlight the cheekbones and chin to a certain extent. Most of the chandelier designs simple gold designs but sometimes they are also present with embedded red stones that make the appearance more beautiful and suitable for other necklaces. With the help of our customized designs, you can create your own chandeliers that are suitable for your facial structures including the size and shape.

Hip chains and headpiece

Most people prefer not to use hip chains and headpiece for regular usage and hence there are only very few collections are available in the market. Especially when you are searching for a hip chain with rigid embedded in them than finding a suitable design will be difficult for you. Show the best option is to approach as either through our online website or through the shop located in Rajasthan for creating customized designs that can fit your look perfectly. Purchasing a golden hip chain will not be suitable in most of the conditions. Because when you purchase a Golden hip chain other than your marriage you won't be able to wear it for any other function. So the best option is to go for a silver or bronze chain coated with gold for a better appearance on the low-cost wastage.

It's not just the hip chain you can apply the same technique for the hippies also which requires a lot of stones to be embedded in them for a unique appearance, especially with a black background. This will complete your facial look and makes you look like a bride. If you are interested in such a design then you can visit our shop as we have more designs than any other fashion jewelry shops in the country especially in terms of a headpiece.


A beautiful ring is not just for marriage jewelry but they are also used during engagements which might be perfect with the red Jade stone embedded in them because they are beautiful and it makes your finger pop out with the red color. Along with that, you can also enjoy the healing benefits of the stone directly from the ring since you are going to be wearing them for a long time if it is an engagement ring. They can be combined with silver or any other metal of your choice in our jewelry store. Even though it is a small design we also provide customized orders for rings. You can also purchase a diamond ring with jade gemstones embedded around it to make the Diamond pop out. So whatever design you choose or need you can visit our shop for a unique experience.

We have our very own website that allows you to choose the designs even if you are away from our shop. You can also order customized designs through the online website. We also have a special set of hand craftsmen who or involved in creating handcrafted Jewellery items that are more famous and available with intricate designs.


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