Understand about Red Jade Stone by Dws Jewellery

Understanding Red jade

The value for the gemstones is increasing day by day. The truth is people have reduced the usage of diamonds and other valuable stones to try these new models. These unique gems that are introduced into the market have been gaining more popularity in the area of fashion jewelry. The red jade stone is one such stone that has created a huge revolution in the market with its beautiful designs. They are a part of the jadeite family that is found in two forms. They are available in red and green color. They are nothing but a composition of Sodium aluminum silicate. They are lustrous with increased thickness. So using them for jewelry requires a lot of expertise on the manufacturing side for preparing the stone. They are available in varying sizes and used in raw form, absorbing its healing powers.

Understand about Red Jade Stone by Dws Jewellery

This stone is well known for its warrior energy that can of a person. It has the power to destroy the things that are preventing you from achieving your dreams. It allows you to increase your strength and obtain the passion for a brighter future. They can heal your internal wounds and improve your physical relationships. Because of these qualities and their bright red color, the stone is preferred by people worldwide.

Medical values of the stone

The red jade is a stone that is widely used to improve both physical and mental health at the same time. They have good filtration properties that remove unwanted toxins from the internal organs like the liver and lungs. They can also strengthen your internal organs and improve the strength of the body. They are also used for increasing the mental health of a person creating a pleasant mind. These stones are available in abundance, but only certain certified shops offer original gems with certification. DWS jewelry is one such shop that is known for such high-quality stones. We are the red jade jewelry wholesale manufacturer in the country, and hence you can obtain the best stones with pure certification.

Jewelry using red jade

This stone has gained a lot of popularity within a short time. So if you are interested in such a stone, you can use them widely for jewelry in the form of a ring or chain to enjoy its raw power. But the truth is that these particular jewelry designs are used only by a specific set of people. The stone is used in various other forms after being processed through a variety of cuttings and processing. Before purchasing the jewelry, it is necessary to understand the types of cuts they have.

  • Raw stones

Here the gem is usually removed from the soil, and they are broken into small pieces. This breaking up process is done if the size of the gem obtained is large enough. Otherwise, they are kept without breaking and attached to a chain or ring directly. This technique is for obtaining the raw power of the stone. Usually, people use these stones for balancing their inner warrior and bringing it out with full control. With this stone, you will be able to enjoy complete control of your inner strengths and energy.

  • Beads

This is a processed form. After removing the stone from the soil, the stones are subjected to Intense cleaning and shaping. The stones are shaped in pure red jade beads with a small hole for threading them together. These beads are available in varying sizes, and they are widely used for making bracelets and chains. They are also used to create a perfect 'pooja malai' used to count the chants and other spiritual purposes. This model is famous among the youngsters as the bracelets are spiritually powerful and look fine with the designs.

  • Size cut stones

These stones are highly powerful, and they are available in a bright red color. So the designers try to use them in jewel designs, including necklaces and bracelets. They are not only known as beads but also as embedded powerful gemstones. These stones are available in a variety of sizes, and they are prepared using machine cuts. They are cleaned and polished after the cutting process for a good appearance. They are also hard for making rings with the silver metal kept as the base. These stones are powerful, and they are used for spiritual purposes also.

  • Carved form

Along with these designs, these stones are also directly taken and then carved to form certain designs. For example, they are carved and polished with high-quality machines to make them into a bangle or ring. They are more potent than other forms. They are widely used as a form of jewelry, especially by those who believe in spiritual energy. This particular design is available only in selected shops like DWS jewelry.

DWS is one of the wholesale jewelry maker in the state. They have been well known for creating new designs that have made a huge revolution in fashion. So purchasing designs from us makes your jewelry love feel alive and happy. We have our particular manufacturing unit that is involved in creating the designs with these gems.

The originality of the stone

Even though the jade stones are available in a huge amount, only a few designs use the original stones. Sometimes to obtain a more bright and unnatural color, some shops use artificial stones created from ferrous iron. So before purchasing the stone, it is necessary to check their authentication with a certificate.

DWS Jewelry shop is well known for creating such original gemstones, and we also certified them for their purity. We also have our jewelry factory that is used for making the best designs in the world. We also accept the repair works in designs like falling of gems and other physical damages. The workers are highly skilled, and they can repair the models with no indication of repair. So if you are interested in purchasing such new designs, you can directly visit our website or our shop. We have a collection of all the gemstone varieties, including red jade, in all their types. You can also place a customized order with us for constant usage and gift a unique piece to others. Our expert designers will help you with such creations, and the handcraft experts will carve or create the design for you. If you ever visit Jaipur, our shop is something that you shouldn't miss.


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    The Gemstones suggested by Vedic Astrology to harness the energies of the sacred nine planets-Navagrah are called as Astrological Stones or Astrological Gemstones


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