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Wholesale Jewelry factory India 

India is a country that is well known for manufacturing and other types of fashion jewelry. Most women in the country are attracted to fashion jewelry nowadays because they offer a cheap option with various designs for a low price. If you search for a suitable shop that provides a wide range of jewelry options, the best choice is the DWS jewelry located in Rajasthan. DWS is a well-known name in the Indian jewelry industry. Being one of the country's leading jewelry manufacturers, they have always concentrated on creating the best designs. It is a name that has been developed based upon the values of quality, innovation, craftsmanship, and designs. The shop's main aim is to offer high-quality jewelry designs for people with their unique manufacturing unit. The unit is full of perfect machines for making various items like chains, casting, bracelets, pendants, tubing, and handcrafted designs. 

Handmade Custom Jewelry


You cannot simply go and start making a jewelry item. It requires a lot of planning. The first step in planning is the process of Designing. DWS jewelry has a unique set of designers who are experts in creating both modern and traditional designs. They are regularly involved in exploring fashion borders and creating new structures that have revolutionized the current market. The design engineer's main aim is to develop products that an innovative and unique for the customers. The celebration jewelry design is more prosperous and filled with gemstones for providing a rich look. The team comprises people with a diverse mindset that allows them to create thousands of innovative designs every year. 

As a wholesale jewelry manufacturer in the country, DWS has the responsibility to fulfill the people's requirements with perfect designs. 

Prototype designs 

At DWS, we have a wide range of prototype designs created using the best software, like CAD and other designing software. After uploading the designs using this software, they are later sent to the materials for creating mold using wax and other resin material. The Machines used in the factory are well-equipped. The shop is well known for developing both machine-made and handmade prototypes. So, as a result, the designs are perfect without any error. Every single design is created with immense hard work for the satisfaction of the customers. Being one of the leading jewelry manufacturing factories in the country, they also have a particular concern for providing quality products. DWS checks every single gemstone correctly so that its quality is perfect.


Jewelry wholesale company


The molds are used for creating products that are available in multiple designs and metals. During the sampling process, the metals are melted and poured into the mold to create a perfect design. This process requires a lot of time, and after the completion, the molded designs are taken and subjected to the final finishing process. The company uses state of the art machines to ease these processes. Then they are polished and embedded with gemstones when required. The DWS jewelry manufacturing company aims to create designs that are unique and customized. You can place customized orders for a small ring to a larger necklace. The options are vast with these fine readymade jewels. 

The handmade molds are created by exceptional hand craftsmen who are well experienced. Every design is created with dedication and hard work to provide the best possible outcome for the customers. DWS believes in the current technology, and hence most of the machines are upgraded with the latest innovative techniques. 


Every single product is created with utmost dedication. But this dedication and hard work will not pay off when the final product's quality is not perfect. So to ensure the quality, the jewelry manufacturing unit has a separate team for checking the quality at the end. The special teams check all the final products before subjecting them to polishing and other cleaning processes. Similarly, after completing the polishing process, another check is involved in making sure they are perfect for displaying. The process of quality checking might seem like a simple concept, but they involve many functions, including testing the quality of metal and gems embedded in them.

jewelry manufacturing company

The shop tests the metals and gems for quality. The shop performs molding and fixation processes after testing. The factory's manufacturing jewelry process is done with proper testing and prodding to ensure that the customers receive only the best. 


After completing the testing, the next step is to display the jewels in the showroom. Every person working in DWS realizes that their services are entirely dedicated to the customers. From our salesmen to the designers, everyone is friendly with the customers. The clients can discuss freely with the designers to create customized designs that can be made using handcrafting techniques and machine craft techniques. Some of the shop's commonly available designs include tribal, fashion, traditional, celebration, and simple looking models. The bond between the clients and the shop is much stronger because of the regular conversations between them. 

Dws Jewelry Pvt Ltd

As a handmade jewelry manufacturer, DWS offers all types of jewels that will be perfect for an average person and a bride. The collection includes metals like Gold, Silver, Brass, and copper. The diamond pendants and harams have received an enormous appreciation from the customers. Located in Jaipur Rajasthan, DWS has gained a lot of attention during the past few years. Along with the leading shop situated in Jaipur, DWS also offers a wide range of jewelry collections displayed on their online websites and mobile applications. The customers can either purchase the readymade jewelry designs directly from the shop or website. If they are not satisfied with the final output of the designs, they can order customized designs. Clients can place the customized orders with the image of other jewelry models you have or create a new structure altogether by sitting with the designers. DWS is the best way to complete all your jewelry purchases from a single place, including the brides. The shop sends the ordered items to the customers with a neat package for safety.


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