How is Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufactured?

 DWS is one of the leading pave diamond jewelry manufacturers within the industry and offers the best quality models in 14 carats and 18-carat gold. We also provide other jewelry service types, including fashion jewelry made up of metals like brass, silver, and copper. Our custom-made jewelry items are suitable for your budget. We understand the techniques involved in the manufacturing process, and here we are going to explain them to our clients. As most jewelry manufacturing units offer a specialized environment for such manufacturing techniques, let us now look at it. General customers do not understand the importance of diamond setting and its quality. Even in pave setting, it is necessary to consider the product quality with originality. Diamond always has its resale value regardless of its size. So purchase the product after testing and certification. A good shop will always support your requirements and offer enough proof to ensure the quality of the product. DWS is one such shop in Jaipur, Rajasthan, that focuses on the quality of a product rather than the profit.

How is Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufactured

About Pave Diamond Jewelry

Pave diamond jewelry is a technique used on the jewelry surface where multiple designers place small diamonds together. The small diamonds cost less than the solitaire models, and people prefer these collections. Nearly they provide a diamond-like appearance at the end. During the design process, they cover the entire surface with small stones. We can hold them together with metal tongs or beads. As a leading jewelry manufacturer, we have diligently carved out a trademark design that makes people choose our products.

About Pave Diamond Jewelry

The price of this product is lower than the other solitaire collections. This condition is because they paved the jewelry with smaller diamonds compared to the other collections on the market. We must ethically source each stone to improve the quality of the jewelry. DWS offers ethically-sourced collections priced lower than the other providers within the country.

Manufacturing Process

We often analysed this concept in the jewelry industry, but people do not know the entire manufacturing process. The pave diamond jewelry is not a process, but just a setting that is unique when compared to the other creations. It comprises small gemstones that we have closely placed together. We made the placements using a metal setting, and since we place them together, the small metal tongs are virtually unavailable. This idea provides a continuous surface. People generally confuse them with the caliber that differs from the natural pave diamond setting.

Pave diamond jewelry manufacturing process-dws

We use this technique to create an illusion of large stones in engagement rings. Most people use them as a technique to set accent diamonds with a vintage or traditional look. The details are minute, and hence it is pretty hard to determine the difference between the small and large stones. It’s not just the engagement rings, but we use this technique in a wide range of necklaces, bangles, and other items. Only experts can place such unique settings, especially with the tong placement. So the showrooms often use outsourcing as the technique.

How to Understand the Quality?

Even if they are small, they are still a diamond. The product quality is tested by noting the quality of the stone settings, the appearance of a single diamond piece, and the shine.

The product price must be less when compared to the original solitaire piece. Similarly, the prongs holding the stones must not stick out and blend within the background environment. They should be of the perfect size. A slightly bigger or smaller size might create an issue.

Types of Settings

There are various types of stone settings available in the market. Some general types include Micro, French, Petite, and plain setting. Each of these settings is unique, and they provide an exceptional appearance. The petite settings use small prongs with placements that are impossible to view. The plain diamond setting uses larger prongs with a prominent appearance. In the final French technique, V-shaped cuts are made below the product to provide the maximum amount of light to shine into the Diamond, reducing the amount of metal and providing an incredible appearance. The last type is the micro-setting, where the stones are placed close to each other and secured with tiny prongs.

Pave diamond Types of Settings-dws

Testing the Quality

If you are looking for a perfect product, test the ring or any other type of jewelry for damage before purchasing them. Even if it has a minute crack, try to avoid buying them. Use a magnifying glass to understand the setting and the quality. It might seem like an obvious option, but we must test even the loose diamonds to prevent them from falling off. The prongs should be of perfect size, and they should not stick out at the end. Even minor damage to the product might affect the quality of the craftsmanship. Similarly purchased the product, especially the ring in the correct size. Because it is pretty hard to resize their ring in the later stages. The initial setting can create a vast difference.

Why Us?

Whether it is from DWS or any other showroom, ensure that the cost of the product is much lesser than any other Diamond product in the market. Multiple factors need to be considered, and the technique used for manufacturing this product is the main one. Along with the type of metal, understand the technique, before purchasing them. Choosing a showroom with its own set of factories has a large advantage since they offer quality over anything else. The charges might vary depending upon the design, but the time and cost must be less.

Why Us

DWS understands the customers and office setting based on the design. We made each product with a unique placement technique that allows appropriate placement based on the customer’s requirements. As a team, we accept and offer advanced pave diamond jewelry, manufactured within our premises. Each product is well tested for quality and made with a professional cleaning system to ensure the finish. We do not use any Harsh Chemicals or abrasive chemicals to manufacture our wholesale diamond jewelry. For more details and purchases, contact the website or mobile application.


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